Unable to unbury fire hydrants? Here’s an option

Keystone Valley suggests using decorated stick or broom handle to mark spot

Screen Shot 2014-02-15 at 5.29.57 PMFor safety reasons, Chester County officials have urged residents to clear storm drains and fire hydrants of that nasty, heavy, white stuff.  However, for numerous reasons – not the least of which is the never-ending snowfall and its ever-increasing weight – the Keystone Valley Fire Department is suggesting an option: If you can’t clear it, stick it.

Mindful that plows have unwittingly buried many hydrants, the department is  suggesting that residents grab a broom handle or stick to mark the spot. And while you’re at it, have some family fun, decorate the markers, and send photos of either the cleared hydrants or the decorative markers to pjmango@me.com. The images will be displayed on the department’s Facebook page or its web site: http://www.kvfd8.com.

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  1. Nancy Robson says:

    We are a woman owned, family run company that fabricate custom hydrant locators that are reflective and are made just for this purpose!
    Since they are custom we can fabricate them in nearly any color combination

    (In the summer they can be taken down, or of course be left up, since at night they reflect and can help firefighters locate hydrants faster.)
    We also have “Adopt-a-Hydrant” programs and much more.

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