Letter: Sanville must go

To The Editor:

Letters1At the School Board’s Special Meeting on October 28, 2013, I asked four questions about students attending Unionville-Chadds Ford Schools while they resided in their parent’s primary residence that was outside of our district’s boundaries.

UCF Superintendent of Schools Dr. John Sanville stated in a letter to me dated Nov. 4,2013. that he decided to treat my queries as a right to know request I was to receive a reply by Dec. 4, 2013.

I finally received a “reply” on Dec. 6, 2013 stating that I had requested information and not records as required by the RTK law. Dr. Sanville felt the information I requested is beyond what is required of public agencies.

“Consequently, I hereby deny your requests for information,” the letter said.

This would be laughable if the subject matter was not critical to the operation of the district It adversely effects all UCF taxpayers.

I must conclude that Dr. Sanville and this district have something to hide. The response is completely inadequate, totally unacceptable, and possibly illegal. I again request a meaningful reply to my questions of Oct. 28, 2013.

I have also noticed a drastic increase in the number of resignations the district has received over the first four months of this school year. There is apparently much dissatisfaction amongst our employees. Resignations have occurred at all levels from part-time bus drivers and even to School Board Directors.

There have been 19 resignations reported and approved from Aug. 16, 2013 to Nov. 18, 2013. The previous school year over the entire 12 months UCF experienced only 18 resignations.

Morale among employees is probably at an all-time low even when compared to Dr. Jack Kenney’s term of service. The Administration and the School Board should immediately start addressing the employees’ concerns.

The Unionville-Chadds Ford School District’s academic accomplishments as publicly reported are also declining under the current leadership. The latest published information states that UCF is no longer ranked in the top 10 districts in Pennsylvania.

This is a drastic decline from our recent 1-2 rankings a few years ago. Again, this has a direct and adverse effect on all property values in the district.

This Board should start immediately to conduct a search for and hire a new Superintendent before the start of the 2014-15 school year. Dr. Sanville’s
performance over his three years as Superintendent has not been acceptable.


This Board needs to get the UCF School District back on the right track.


Bruce Yelton,

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  1. Mike McGann says:

    Just to clarify, after a couple of questions were passed on to me privately: the above represents the opinions of the letter writer. None of the information he cited has been vetted or confirmed by this publication.

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