Vandalism continues on Bragg Hill Rd.

Signs, gates damaged at closed road; supervisors to apply for traffic light grant for Rt. 52

By Kelli Siehl, Staff Writer, The Times


Damaged signs at the gate closing off Bragg Hill Road. Vandalism of gates and signs has been persistent since the roadway was closed by township officials, after it was deemed too dangerous for vehicular traffic.

POCOPSON — Vandals have once again defaced signs and a gate located on Bragg Hill Road. During a recent Township Board of Supervisors’ meeting, officials spoke about an ongoing vandalism issue with the gate at the eastern end of the road closure.

Supervisors said the gate was smashed and the locks holding the gates closed were intentionally cut several times. The recent incident resulted in damage to signs placed on the gate post and is alleged to have occurred in broad daylight.

Officials said they received reports that a trailer, parked in front of the western gate, was impeding the walking trail. More importantly, Supervisor’s Chair, Steve Conary said the trailer was “prohibiting emergency vehicles from entering.”

Supervisors said damages have amounted to “a couple hundred dollars” of taxpayer money and have agreed to repair or replace the signs.

* * *

Supervisors said they will begin the application process for a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) grant in response to recommendations for a traffic light at the intersection of Route 52 and Pocopson Road.

Conary said, “it’s not a good situation” because the township has to convince PennDOT that a light is needed and it can be tied in with the railroad crossing to make sure no one stops on the tracks. He suggested the project to also address the three way stop on the other side of the bridge in Birmingham Township. Conary added, “On the other side of it – when the 926 bridge replacement construction starts, that intersection’s going to need a traffic light.”

Supervisor Ricki Stumpo said she uses the intersection every day, and is in favor of a traffic light if Automated Red Light Enforcement Enhancement grant money can be obtained to pay for it.  “I know what it’s like pulling out on that road,” Stumpo said, ”and it’s terrible.”

Officials said, currently, the township spends about $1,000 to maintain the traffic light at Route 926 and Pocopson Road.

* * *

The township has received several reports of visitors and/or employees of the Chester County Prison using the parking lot near the Pocopson Park tennis courts. Supervisors will contact prison officials for assistance in halting the practice and posting notices which state “parking is for those using the park and tennis facilities only.”

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