Unionville speech and debaters take second place

 Team unseats PCFL powerhouses for first time in more than decade

Image 3For the first time in 13 years, Unionville High took second place at Thursday night’s Pennsylvania Catholic Forensic League (PCFL) Grand Finals, unseating long-standing powerhouse schools such as St. Joe’s Prep, Holy Ghost Prep, Pennsbury, and Truman in the overall citywide sweepstakes. The awards are based on results from the four national qualifying tournaments held over the spring, according to the school district.

In addition to second place overall, UHS also won second place in Varsity Debate Sweepstakes; fifth place in Varsity Speech Sweepstakes, and fifth place in Student Congress Sweepstakes

Fifteen students won individual honors: Connor Fitzgibbon, first place, Varsity Extemporaneous Speaking; Alice Liu, first place, Novice Oratory; Nick Caputo and Jason Shao, second place, Varsity Policy Debate; Virginia Bonds, third place, Varsity Dramatic Performance; Erin Ahlefeld, fourth place, Poetry; Lindsey Hedgepeth and Sarah Scheivert, fourth place, Novice Public Forum Debate; Matt Scheivert, fourth place, Varsity Congress; Rahul Doraiswamy, fifth place, Varsity Dramatic Performance; Shrenik Gadagkar, fifth place, Varsity Oratory; Sriki Garlapati and Ananth Panchanadam, fifth place, Varsity Policy Debate; Ed Jing and Alex Shin, fifth place, Varsity Public Forum Debate.

The following varsity winners will represent Philadelphia and UHS at the upcoming CFL Nationals in which over 3,000 students will compete for top honors over Memorial Day weekend: Connor Fitzgibbon, Nick Caputo, Jason Shao, Virginia Bonds,  Matt Scheivert, Rahul Doraismwamy, Shrenik Gadagkar, Sriki Garlapati, Ananth Panchanadam, Ed Jing and Alex Shin.


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  1. Kathleen Do says:

    Thanks so much for publishing this article. What an incredible achievement for these students and for Unionville! It’s always great when we can celebrate our students’ victories on the athletic fields. But I think it is extremely important to also recognize their achievements in academic competitions.

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