State police warn of residential thefts

Troopers warning residents to lock cars in driveways, keep an eye out for suspicious behavior

By Kelli Siehl, Staff Writer, The Times


Cpl. Steve Ranck of the State Police addresses residents Monday night in Pocopson, advising them to lock cars in driveways to prevent thefts.

POCOPSON — During Monday’s township Board of Supervisors’ meeting, State Police Corporal, Steve Ranck from the Avondale Barracks, advised residents to lock car doors at all times and to remove valuables from their vehicles, especially electronic devices such as laptop computers and GPS units.

Ranck, a native of Chester County, who has been a State Trooper for 22 years – 21 of them spent patrolling Chester County roads – said “it doesn’t matter how rural the area is or if it’s in your own driveway,” cars should always be locked, especially during night time hours.

In addition, he noted three things residents can do to thwart daytime burglaries when thieves are looking to break into homes looking for jewelry, electronics and cash:

  1. Trim landscape shrubbery to below window height to deter anyone from hiding behind plants and prying open windows.
  2. “Look out for each other” by organizing Neighborhood Watch groups.
  3. Call 911 if you see any strange vehicles in the area as they may be scouting the neighborhood in search of properties to burglarize.

Theft of scrap metal is on the rise, according to Ranck, and thieves are going right onto residents’ yards in broad daylight, taking materials and then selling the scrap for quick cash.

Supervisors’ Vice-Chair, Georgia Brutscher inquired about the township’s high number of false residential burglar alarms, “is there anything the township can do to decrease the number as it is a terrible waste of police services?”

Ranck told the supervisors that according to state law, residents could receive a citation if there are more than three false alarms within a 12 month period.

Ranck’s advice to residents, though, if you have a false alarm, get in touch with your security company right away.

“If you have a false alarm and the company calls you – if the alarm is canceled before police arrive, you are not held responsible,” he said.

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  1. Dan says:

    It’s good to reinforce the basic steps everyone should take to prevent theft. As a followup it would also be helpful to know how many of these incidents occur in Pocopson and if there are locations where they are more likely to occur..

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