County commissioners continue collegial, bipartisan trend

Minority commissioner reelected as vice-chair of three-member board

At Wednesday’s reorganization meeting, the county commissioners approved the nominations of Terence Farrell (center) for Ryan Costello (right) as chairman, and Kathi Cozzone (left) as vice-chair.

During a reorganization meeting on Wednesday, the Chester County Commissioners voted unanimously on 2013 leadership, continuing a bipartisan trend that began in 2011.

Outgoing Commissioners’ Chairman Terence Farrell nominated fellow Republican Ryan Costello to serve in the top post, and he also nominated Democrat Kathi Cozzone to continue as vice-chair, a position she assumed in the spring of 2011.

Cozzone’s 2011 election as vice-chairman represented the first time anyone could remember that a minority commissioner held that post during decades of Republican dominance. The GOP has maintained the majority of the three-member board since the Civil War era.

During repeated discussions this past year, the commissioners have often suggested that state and federal lawmakers would benefit from less divisiveness. They pointed to numerous examples of disagreement among them that did not generate disagreeable behavior.

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