Letter: Our navy is stronger than ever, Mr. Rommey

To The Editor,

Some thoughts about the election.  President Obama vs. Governor Romney

I am an independent, but not undecided about this election. I watched all three debates and God knows how many references to the election on TV.  I have followed both men and their careers as much as that is possible for an average citizen today.

With a presidential election everyone has a story, a spin, NEWS some call it. and it all is very political with Hype and Spin and now big PAC money.  Wow! I have decided who I will VOTE for based on the three debates AND what I have observed my whole life about that job, the job of the President.

Since I am now over 70 and first voted when I was in the Navy, for President Kennedy, I feel I have some insight as a senior citizen.  I have voted for Republican and Democrat over the years.  My man did not always win either.

With a lifetime of experience and a military career, I know who would be the better President and that is the man who already holds that office.  Romney scares me when it comes to foreign relations and to me that is his shortcoming, his major flaw.

President Obama’s four years as President of the United States is experience  Real experience. And he has done fine, a good job.  Now is not the time to be training a new guy so to speak, and the challenger definitely needs some training.  And although the three debates were very insightful and useful we are not electing a debater.

I want to share with you the reader what my grandfather used to say about the Presidency. He said we did not need a President.  I am sure he was referring to President Hoover and the tough times he lived through during the depression.  Grandpa’s name was Cleveland.  Grandpa went to law school in Richmond, VA  but did not graduate and his productive life was as a farmer and carpenter in Eastern North Carolina.

Grandpa always reminded me a long time before I could VOTE that our representatives in the House and the Senate were far more important than who was President.  I did not agree with Grandpa then but I may be beginning to see his point today as we watch the mess that party politics and moneyed interest has thrust upon this country and how it is controlling the Congress today.  The voters, including myself, have failed to elect the right Congressmen.

My last point:  I am a veteran having served in the US Navy on an aircraft carrier and two submarines.  Our Navy is strong.   Governor Romney needs to look up a few things on the Internet!  We have eleven (11) aircraft carriers; fourteen (14) SSBN’s ballistic missile submarines and we had more but converted four SSBN’s because of the STARK treaty I believe.

We are limited by treaty as to how many missiles and ballistic submarines we have. The end of the Cold War with Russia, Mr. Romney!  Our delivery systems are formidable.  We have 53 fast attack submarines and surface ships, to support the carriers.  Carriers have aircraft, lots of aircraft, fifty or more.

One carrier task group probably has more potential power than the entire Navy of 1916 put together. Governor Romney, if he wants the job of President, should have known that.

Nothing secret here!  The Chinese and Russians know it.  We do not need to outspend these countries anymore and build ships we do not need.  Thirty (30) of the new fast attacks (The Virginia class) are planned to replace the Los Angeles class attack subs.  The key word here is “replace,” and upgrade with new technology.  We have four (Virginia Class) submarines commissioned now I believe and more to come.  We are constantly updating  the model so to speak.  Our Navy is strong.

V. M. Mansfield
Black Creek, North Carolina

VM Mansfield has been a frequent visitor to the Kennett Square area for some three years and takes an active interest in our local culture, politics, and beautiful environment.

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