A change could do you good

Step outside of your comfort zone to refresh your look

By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist, The Times

Are you in a style rut?

I feel it.  And, it’s a dangerous thing.  The last time I felt this way, I cut the length of my hair from my shoulders to my chin (then cried for approximately six months, give or take).

A stylish makeover need not be so dramatic…but, in order to feel refreshed, I do believe it’s necessary to step a bit outside of your comfort zone.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How long have I been wearing the same color lipstick?
  2. Do I switch my perfume as the seasons change?
  3. When was the last time I had my eyebrows cleaned up/shaped?
  4. Are my shoes looking too worn or outdated?
  5. Have I shopped for a new bra in the past two years?
  6. How many consecutive days have I put my hair up in a ponytail?
  7. Do I ever pick a new color when I go for a manicure/pedicure?
  8. How long have I been carrying this handbag?
  9. Am I wearing yoga pants all day on a regular basis?
  10. When was the last time I wore heels?

If the thought of answering these questions honestly makes you sweat, it’s time to switch it up.  Try a dark colored nail polish.  Buy a wine colored lipstick.  Ask your hairdresser for some subtle changes to your cut/color to make it feel fresh and new.  Scour the internet for sales on boots and handbags.  Why wait until January 1 to make some stylish resolutions?  The change of season is the perfect excuse to reinvent yourself!

It is certainly not necessary to do everything at once.  Challenge yourself to make a small change twice a month.  It is so easy to fall back on the “safe” options when it comes to fashion.  But, incorporating a few trends into your same-old, boring routine will inject new life into your style.

I have a hair appointment scheduled for Tuesday.  I may re-read this article before I go so that I don’t end up with hot pink colored extensions!

Happy Weekend!

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