Letter: Data must be gathered before making Pocopson Home decision

To The Editor,

As a follow up to recent news coverage on Pocopson Home, I wanted to offer additional commentary to the public on my position relating to Pocopson.

To date, the County has commissioned an outside consultant to inform the Commissioners about how a non-profit managed facility would operate versus continuing to operate as we currently do.  This report will be an important factor in any future decisions and will include information on operations, revenue, costs and much more.

I believe that one of the keys to making any decision – on any matter – is to gather factual information.  The report we await is just such information and, until we have it in hand and have reviewed its findings, I will not categorically dismiss any alternatives on this issue as I think to do so would be premature.  I hope the people of Chester County find this to be a prudent and thoughtful approach.

To this point, the County has not received any offers to purchase Pocopson Home, has not negotiated with prospective purchasers for the sale of Pocopson Home, nor has a listing broker been retained to market Pocopson Home for sale.  This all leads to the obvious conclusion that the County Commissioners are not actively considering the sale of Pocopson Home, which is indeed the case.

Ryan A. Costello
Chester County Commissioner

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  1. Kristin Hoover says:

    I already stated that my opinion is based on the meetings that I attended and the number of people who came as well as those who spoke in favor. The studies are often rigged because they are conducted by consulting groups who may have ties to the political party in power and the information represented may be “cherry-picked” to yield the answer the client was seeking. I’m saying that the UCFSD school bus study was a fluke based on what I was told by people who should know. I did not see your comments on “pay-to-play” as they did not come up when I searched your “observing” name in this website. The amount that teams were charged was ultimately determined by the Superintendent, Dr. Sanville and not the Board…and, as far as I know, has never been presented to the public (although I saw the worksheet in his administrative guidelines at a work session).

  2. Observing says:

    Shouldn’t decisions be made based upon facts? Furthermore, I don’t know that the “people of chester county” are of one mind on this issue.

    • Kristin Hoover says:

      Hello Observing…you can always be counted on for the pro-Republican response! Yes. Decisions should be based on facts….such as the one where in meeting after meeting, large numbers of people turn out and speak in support of the Pocopson Home. There is the other fact that there is almost nobody in support of making any change except for a few Republicans who show up to support their leaders. Rarely do you see the public so worked up over an issue and so universally in support of one side of the issue as we see with support of the Pocopson Home. If course, these facts are quite annoying for Republicans who want to privatize these functions. So…you hunt for people who will spin and “cherry pick” whatever facts they find to the point of view of those who pay for their services.

      • Observing says:

        So your point is that studies lead to the results that the people in charge want to see? I’m sure you are recall the UCFSD study on transportation? I seem to recall many people claiming that the Board was looking for “any excuse” to outsource transportation – yet the study showed little in the way of cost savings.

        As to your attacks on me as being a lock-step Republican, I would offer the observation that you do not know me nor do I always agree with the positions of all Republicans. Perhaps it is easier for you to be dismissive then respond with an actual argument. Furthermore, the people who tend to show up at meetings are those with an intense interest in the matter at hand. Whether it is a board meeting, a protest, etc., the views voiced do not represent the overwhelming sentiments of the community.

        • Kristin Hoover says:

          …and you would know the overwhelming sentiment in the community? I went to the meetings and followed it for years when it was tried before. I am a very partisan Democrat and quite proud of what this Party has contributed to the Country and what I have contributed to my Party. The transportation study (also interestingly where Dr. Manzone voted “no” as she did recently on the ticket booth palace) was political cover that backfired on them. Sometimes the truth is so strong that no amount of political spin and artful dodging can erase it. In all your posts, I don’t recall any moment when you did not defend the Republican candidate or the Republican platform. Was there something I missed? I’m happy to respond to any “actual argument.”

          • Observing says:

            I’ve never claimed to know what “chester county” thinks about anything; that was you – about three posts ago. You also claimed that, essentially, studies are rigged but now, of course that one study “backfired.” So you studies that are in line with your pre-determined concept of right and wrong are valid and ones that aren’t are just “political cover?” Good to know.

            Furthermore, while I have zero desire to have your validation, you can look no further then my comments on this very site concerning the “pay-to-play” for youth sports to see where I disagreed with the Board and also vocal fiscal conservatives such as Mr. Yelton.

  3. Kristin Hoover says:

    Gotta love real politicians who hire consultants to use as cover for the decisions they wanted to make all along. The people in Chester County are solid in their support of the Pocopson Home and of the good work they do. All three Chester County Commissioners cry poverty and then seem to have all the money they want for everything they want regardless of what the real wants and needs of the community happen to be. Must have taken lessons from UCFSD (or vice versa).

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