Letter: Time to end taxpayer funded green job madness

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The The Editor:

Just when you thought big Government over-reach in Pennsylvania would end with the Republicans at the helm in Harrisburg…think again. Special interest pay-to-play politics is alive and well and still the rule of the day.

With unproven man-made global warming opinion science as its foundation and campaign cash laden environmental lobbyists roaming the halls of our Capitol, the tone-deaf Republican controlled General Assembly is moving forward with their version of a cap-and-trade like bill for Pennsylvania with House Bill 1580, the ” Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards Act” (HB.1580).

HB.1580 forces private utility companies like PECO to purchase Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SREC) to subsidize and artificially float the money-losing and expensive solar power industry. Our utility companies will be forced to ignore more efficient and cheaper energy sources and pass the cost of these SRECs on to you, the consumer.

Most disturbing to me is that this law doesn’t “sunset”, it mandates annual increases of required SRECs, and it will cause a corresponding loss of jobs in our State as companies and industry compensate for higher energy costs.

Its bad enough that the taxpayers have already funded hundreds-of-millions of dollars in cockamamie, unsightly, and money losing green job projects, now we will be forced to subsidize this part-time trickle energy source with higher energy bills and underwrite the failing solar power industry in perpetuity, leaving less money to buy groceries or pay for college.

Let your voice be heard. Please contact Representative Chris Ross (R-PA 158th) and the others sponsoring this Bill and ask them to scrap this misguided, economy crushing piece of legislation.

Ray Farrell
Pocopson, PA



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