Denton Hollow residents mad about detour traffic

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With Rt. 52 closed, narrow roadway is used to get to Rt. 926

By Kelli Siehl, Staff Writer, The Times


Although signs have been posted advising against suing Denton Hollow Road as a detour route for the closed Rt. 52, local residents say they’re still seeing speeding, reckless driving and excessive traffic on their roadway.

POCOPSON — During Monday night’s Board of Supervisors’ meeting, residents living along Denton Hollow Road demanded the township take action to stop the roadway from being used as a temporary cut through during completion of the route 52 roundabout.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) closed Rt. 52 two weeks ago to finish constructing the roundabout linking it, Lenape-Unionville and Wawaset Roads. Randy and Sarah Mims, along with their neighbors, told supervisors about many near misses between speeding drivers unfamiliar with the narrow roadway and its one-lane stone bridge.

Residents said they have seen “some improvements” with signage warning of dangerous conditions placed at both entrances to the thruway and labeling the one lane bridge, but said more still needs to be done. The Mims’ said they gave officials a list of short and long term solutions two weeks ago and have contacted the township office by phone and email but have gotten no response.

Supervisors Chair Ricki Stumpo apologized for the delay and asked residents to address any concerns to her attention by either email or by calling the township office.

Director of Public Works Mark Knightly said he could obtain a portable speed limit monitor, ask the county for better bridge signage and is working to have a guide rail placed along an area with a steep embankment. He said the State Police are monitoring the situation and are showing an increased presence on area roads.

When asked if the road could be temporarily closed to all but local traffic or designated as a one-way thruway, officials said their attorney advised against the action because the township can authorize a closing only if the road is in need of repairs and even then, the repairs must be made immediately and the road reopened.

Stumpo said the township is receiving many calls from residents who live along area roads which are being used to bypass the Rt. 52 closure. These residents, she said, are also reporting an increased number of vehicles, incidents of speeding and reckless driving. Stumpo said the township is taking these complaints seriously and working to do everything in their power to appease residents’ concerns. Randy Mims told Supervisors, “we’re not trying to be appeased, we’re trying to get safety.”

Rt. 52 is slated for closure until mid-September and drivers are asked to follow the designated detours and travel safely through the township. Denton Hollow Road is not a designated detour. Designated detours are route 926 (Street Road) and Pocopson Road. Route 52 will remain open to Red Bridge Lane for LOCAL southbound traffic and to Parkersville Road for LOCAL Northbound traffic.

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