Letter: UCF residency still an issue

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To The Editor:

Letters1At the UCF Board’s work session on Monday, March 10th, it was reported that Dr. Sanville had privately discussed the situation of non-resident students that were attending our schools. The Board was satisfied with the explanation of this probable illegal situation.

After 3.5 months of raising the possibility of out of district students attending our schools and enduring several stalling techniques by Dr. Sanville, I was finally advised in early 2014 by our Superintendent that the information I requested was beyond the what is required of public agencies. He outright declined to provide the information I had requested.

The one bright development was that the Board has contracted with the Intermediate Unit to investigate this situation. I hope the public receives a complete, through, and honest report. This investigation must not be another “white-washing” of this serious situation. Hopefully it will be completed by the end of April, which would be six months after it was first requested.

Bruce B. Yelton

Pocopson Township

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