Letter: UCF residency still an issue

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To The Editor:

Letters1At the UCF Board’s work session on Monday, March 10th, it was reported that Dr. Sanville had privately discussed the situation of non-resident students that were attending our schools. The Board was satisfied with the explanation of this probable illegal situation.

After 3.5 months of raising the possibility of out of district students attending our schools and enduring several stalling techniques by Dr. Sanville, I was finally advised in early 2014 by our Superintendent that the information I requested was beyond the what is required of public agencies. He outright declined to provide the information I had requested.

The one bright development was that the Board has contracted with the Intermediate Unit to investigate this situation. I hope the public receives a complete, through, and honest report. This investigation must not be another “white-washing” of this serious situation. Hopefully it will be completed by the end of April, which would be six months after it was first requested.

Bruce B. Yelton

Pocopson Township

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116 Comments on "Letter: UCF residency still an issue"

Sean R.
1 year 7 months ago

It’s funny,when I posted that the CCIU was not impartial because one of our own is on the board, my comment was deleted. The same goes for calling Open Eyes out as Mr. McGann. It must be nice to be able to take your ball and run home when you don’t like how the game is going. Furthermore, how can you be independent when you serve on an education committee. I make no allegations, but this is why conflicts of interest are so very important. Maybe I should take my ball start posting on the DLN site. At least my comments will not disappear.

1 year 7 months ago

Whoa. There’s like 100-plus posts here. Using that mouse to scroll up and, I dunno, check, might have been the way to go there, Sean. You make a lot of accusations — and here when the evidence showing you’re wrong is literally on this page, you can’t be bothered to look into it. Undoubtedly, you’ll be blaming McGann for the disappearance of Malaysian jet, next. Or Benghazi.

had enough
1 year 7 months ago

Taxpayers should not pay to defend superintendent.

Kristin Hoover
1 year 7 months ago

So happy you joined the conversation, R. Johnson! You raise a number of good points. Knowing Keith/Jeff/Vic, they will likely read Democratic politics into your message and the rest will be lost. They never understood the lessons of Penn State and how the Board of Regents and the School Board should serve an oversight funtion over the Administration. Without oversight, there is no check and balance on the power of the Superintendent who feels empowered to do whatever he chooses with the blessing of K/J/V. This is a dangerous situation for taxpayers as TE Resident points out because the Board/Administration has a lot of taxpayer money to use to cover whatever corruption they consider necessary. The situation is even more dangerous when the check and balance of RTK law is subverted by a Superintendent who routinely denies requests regardless of subject.

K/J/V fail to understand what a pickle they have placed the CCIU in with this situation. I suspect that requesting CCIU input was a short-term knee-jerk reaction (free to the District) they thought would yield political cover for a decision they are certain will be in their favor. Afterall, Jeff Hellrung is the UCFSD representative to CCIU! They are sure that they can control the CCIU answer. We don’t even know exactly what CCIU was asked to do in this matter. Note that they have never made clear whether they consider any findings to be simple statements, recommendations or binding resolutions.

Obviously R. Johnson and I see the fallacy in picking CCIU for this investigation. If I were CCIU, I would decline to take on this matter as they serve 11 other Chester County school districts besides UCFSD with services to approximately 86,000 students. They serve “special education and compensatory education programs; career, technical and customized education; mentor training and staff development; technology initiatives; consortia for school business operations; and curriculum services.” This matter is concentrated on one school district which does not serve the needs of the other Disticts and students. The matter of education theft by one family should not be allowed to tie up the resources of the CCIU and is far outside the main charter of that organization. It appears to lack any power in the matter and may set a bad precedent for the future. They would do well to take R. Johnson’s advice on an independent investigation.

R. Johnson
1 year 7 months ago

This morning I have been watching the Sunday morning news shows and see striking parallels to this local situation. A UCFSD School Board member describes the current CCIU investigation of the district’s handling of residency issues as an independent investigation. UCFSD is one of twelve districts that fund the CCIU, so UCFSD is one of the CCIU’s bosses. Therefore, the CCIU investigation of UCFSD is an internal rather than an independent investigation.

The national press is currently covering the report commissioned by Governor Christie to investigate if he knew his underlings had deliberately closed a bridge for political reasons. Noting that the Christie report is an internal investigation, national commentators speculated on the credibility of its conclusion that Christie is vindicated. They wondered:

1) Did Christie get what he paid for, that is, a favorable report from those employed by him?

2) Or, might the investigators worry enough about their own reputations to strive extra hard to overcome their lack of independence (Fox News)?

Realistically, unless the conclusion of an internal investigation criticizes its subject, the credibility of its conclusion will always be questioned. In fact, it may raise more questions than it answers (Christie coverage). This will be equally true of a CCIU report approving the UCFSD handling of residency issues. It likely will raise more questions than it answers, including speculation on the motivation of the investigators.

A paid-for investigation can be independent. UCFSD could commission one of how it handled residency issues and any related issues and actors. Those hired should be strangers and should not be or have been previously employed by those under investigation and should have no expectation of future employment or favors from them. These investigators should be given full access to all information and legal opinions and have the right to elicit additional pertinent facts. They should have expertise in conducting investigations and the roles of school administrators and boards: someone like an ex-prosecutor or a local “Louis Freeh”. The findings of this kind of independent investigator would be far more credible and helpful.

1 year 7 months ago

Well stated R. Johnson. Thank-you for the information Ms. Hoover. Mr. Hellrung as CCiu Rep from U-CF explains alot about why Keith and Open Eyes have been so eager for the report and so confident in their comments about this matter. They know the chances of it going their way are very good given who controls the information given to the CCIU. Boards all over the county support the administration. The CCIU is just an extension of this county wide partnership. As I said before, tax payers are at an extreme disadvantage

Kristin Hoover
1 year 7 months ago

If you’ve had enough bashing….then don’t do it.

Open Eyes
1 year 7 months ago

Very rich advice considering the source.

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