UHS AfterProm proves to be a big hit

One student’s first-person account shows new venue worked well

By Natalie Walden, Junior, Unionville High School

The author — Natalie Walden — and friends enjoy a moment during Saturday night's AfterProm event.

As we “climbed aboard” the UHS after-prom at the ACAC Fitness and Wellness Center, my friends and I were tired to say the least. After five hours of nonstop dancing at the prom, we tossed away our formal wear, let our hair down, and prepared for the long night ahead. Upon arriving at ACAC I bolted to the front door, excited to see what was awaiting me inside. Embodying the cruise ship theme, the front pathway was covered with a blanket of fog as groups walked through the front doors–which displayed a U.S.S. Indian Princess logo–getting their picture taken along the way.

As I entered, the sound of live music burst through the doors; the sounds grew louder as I was greeted by other eager after-prom goers. I was completely surrounded by the decoration fish, blue streamers, and blow-up palm trees that disguised the usually plain center.

Smells of Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, smoothies, pizza, hotdogs, and pretzels circulated the room as my friends and I scoped out the venue, stealing snacks along the way. Making our way downstairs, we passed several rooms where students were getting their palms read by a fortune teller, gaming on Wiis and Xboxes (not sure how to make this plural), playing laser tag, and watching nautical movies such as Titanic and Pirates of the Caribbean. Others were running around grabbing cotton candy and ice cream from the Sweet Bar–the perfect place for any chocolate or candy lover.

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Unionville High School Assistant principal Rudy Reif (left) and Doug Scott of Scott Honda present a Honda CR-V to Virginia Bonds, a junior at Unionville who won the car during Saturday's AfterProm event.

To the other side of the main dining room, another stair case led us down to the “ship’s” casino. As a blackjack rookie, the volunteer parents taught me how to play and I ended up cashing in over $1,000 worth of chips. My parents were enthused when they discovered how much I enjoyed playing.

Past the casino was the “market place” which had stations with activities such as karaoke, henna tattoos, caricature drawing, and action photography. However, before entering, I was stopped by a magician who thoroughly succeeded in blowing my mind with his card tricks; I still have no clue how the card with my friends name written on it ended up in the magician’s wallet.

With all of the activities offered at after-prom, it came as a surprise to me when the parents began rounding everyone up to go to the gymnasium for the raffle winners. The PTO drew one name every hour for different prize giveaways such as a TV, iPod, iPad, and the grand prize: a car, won by junior Virginia Bonds.

As all of the prizes were given away and the winners cheered, everyone began to file out of ACAC after the long night of fun and games. Even though the sun was rising as we left and I slept almost the whole next day, I had an amazing time, and can’t wait for my next year’s after-prom!

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