Unionville High School Prom 2012 images

As part of our annual tradition, we feature reader-submitted images of Unionville High as they depart for the prom. To have your images included, send them and the names of those in the photo to mike@unionvilletimes.com

Theresa Tipton, Joe Clifford, Shelby Troy, Bobby Abel, Katie Head, Jack Henjes, Brooke Jenzano, James Kelly, Hannah Redmond, Conner Riley, Katie Johnson, and Cory Miller.

Katie Johnson, Brooke Jenzano, Hannah Redmond, Shelby Troy and Katie Head.

Brook Jenzano and James Kelly

Ariana Ahadi (left) and Erin Moore

Erin Moore and Zach Barnes

From left: Sydney Mills, Lea Bickel, Rachel Rothermel, Taylor Jones, Amanda Hammond, Erin Gallagher, Eleni Kirifides, Rosalie Nolen, Katja Hansen, Amy Lattari, Erin Miller, Emily Brady, Krista Kreh, Shelby Benzel, Alex Kimmel

Casey Cattie and Jonathon Ellsworth

Jonathon Ellsworth (left) and Casey Cattie

Chris Fulton (left) and Laura DiPaolo

Katie Wiswall, Shane Diven, Tara Doubleday, Matt Christopher, Demming Carlow, Tim Christopher, Laura DiPaolo and Chris Fulton

Jordan Hodess, Marcia Manzone, Amy Gottsegen and Brandon Baumeister


Bobby Abel and Shelby Troy

Eleni Masters and Drew Smallacombe

Tara Doubleday and Demming Carlow

Katie Wiswall and Shane Diven

Tyler Bowman (left) and Matt Maggitti

Courney Csernica and Tyler Bowman

Joey Shirley, Caroline Parrish, Tristan Tarringer, Juliet Taylor, Jeb Miller, Alice Liu, Andrew DeMarco, Bethany Siehl, Richard Phillips, Nicole Carter

Caitlin Clark and Chris DeAugustine

Siena McGinnis (left) and Katrina Wrabley.

Ariana Ahadi (left) and Katrina Wrabley.

From left, Sierra Rayne, Tommy Henry, Tim Christopher and Demming Carlow.

From left, Sienna McGinnis, Andrew Cutrona, Brad Pechin, Rachel Ross

Taylor Hollander & Trace McGinnis

From left Pearl Li, Meghan Shea and Erinn Menninger.


More To Come, check back!

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