Local voter turnout appears heavy

But question remains: who is coming out to vote and who benefits?
By Mike McGann, Editor, UnionvilleTmes.com

Voter turnout appeared to be heavy — likely to cross 50 percent per precinct across the Unionville area — but it remains to be seen who exactly is voting and what the impact will be on local and statewide races.

For every voter who expressed anger at the incumbent Democrats, another would express anger at the rhetoric of Tea Party activists. Independent voters expressed frustration at the tone of ads and failure to address real problems. The UnionvilleTimes surveyed voters at polling places in Pocopson, Pennsbury and East Marlborough and found a wide range of opinion, ranging from those seeking to make changes to the state legislature to help get more school funding to those seeking to vastly limit the size and scope of state and federal government.

Of course, the GOP has a fairly large voter registration advantage across the Unionville area, but it was clear party affiliation was not always driving voter decisions. Some Democrats said they were impressed by the Tea Party and were voting for U.S. Senate candidate Pat Toomey, while some GOP voters said they were turned off by the extremism of their own party and were supporting Democrat Joe Sestak.

All in all, it may take a while before it’s clear who voted how and why.

What there was general agreement about was the near perfect Fall weather, with bright sunshine and breezy skies a factor in inducing a number of voters to turn up at the polls. Turnout around the state, except in a few corners appeared to be on the heavy side, thought to benefit Democrats in statewide races.

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