The Thinking Cap offers free test prep forum for students

With so much on the line, a little extra preparation could make a big difference.

KENNETT SQUARE – You have 3 Hours and 45 minutes to answer enough questions correctly.

The number correct on a standardized test, plus grade point average, plus extra-curricular activities, equals your future. Do you know where you stand with all these variables?

If your answer is (A.), I’m comfortable applying to colleges with what I have, maybe you should continue reading.  If your answer is (B.), maybe I could use some help getting my standardized test scores up to compliment my GPA and extra-curricular activities, maybe you should continue reading?  It could be answer (C.), I’m a parent who wants to help my child do the best they can by providing them with every possible opportunity.  Or because no matter who you are, what you want or what you need to get there, The Thinking Cap Corporation works with answer (D.), all of the above.

So, if you have questions for The Thinking Cap Corporation, now is your time to ask them.  The standardized test preparation company is now offering an SAT/ACT/General Test preparation question and answer forum through its Facebook page (  Ask your question and get an answer from a Thinking Cap teacher, or from a fellow student. It’s free and the only thing you have to lose is a correct answer.

The Thinking Cap Corporation serves all of Chester County and the region and offers standardized testing preparation that you need. Currently they offer very flexible SAT and ACT courses.  But a need for GRE and Nursing TEAS Test prep courses prompted them to offer those recently as well.  Whatever you need to learn, they can teach you.

What really separates The Thinking Cap Corporation from other standardized prep companies is its adaptability.  Their office is based in Kennett Square, but they also use the most up-to-date technologies and methods that include video conferencing and whiteboard software for online tutoring.  They will even ditch technology and come to your home. “The Thinking Cap Corporation uses new assessment technologies to quickly focus on the content and strategies that will provide the greatest benefit for a given amount of a student’s time,” said Brad Everett, president of The Thinking Cap Corporation.

The Thinking Cap Corporation’s teachers remember what it was like to be a time-constrained student. They played sports. They were in clubs. They remember being students because they still are as well. “We hold wacky office hours because we understand the demands placed on students by sports, homework and community commitments,” said Everett.

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