2010 Election Preview

158th State House District

East Marlborough, Newlin, Pennsbury, West Marlborough

Chris Ross (R-Incumbent) vs. Susan Rzucidlo (D)

Chris Ross

Ross is a seven-term incumbent and former township supervisor in London Grove. Rzucidlo is an advocate for education issues.

Susan Rzucidlo

Ross, like Gerlach, is a member of an endangered species, moderate Republicans. He’s been endorsed by Penn Environment and has pushed for important recycling and conservation issues during his time in Harrisburg.

Rzucidlo argues that changes are needed in Harrisburg and it will take a new generation of reformers to make those changes. She’s says she’s not afraid to step on toes and tweak those in power to fight for what she thinks is right.

160th State House District
Birmingham, Chadds Ford, Pocopson

Dave Cleary (I), Nick DiGregory (D) vs. Steve Barrar (R-Incumbent)

Dave Cleary

The 160th may be the lone district with a full range of political spectrum candidates.

From the right, seven-term incumbent Steve Barrar.

Steve Barrar

He was an outspoken critic of the state budget — and one of only six house members to vote against a pension reform bill, saying it didn’t go far enough. During his time in office, he has generally supported conservative social and fiscal policy, although his opponents have hit him for his 2001 pension vote and 2005 vote on the pay raise.

Nick DiGregory

DiGregory is a teacher by training and has argued for term limits, increases in taxes on “sin” items such as beer and soda to help close the state deficit and campaign finance reform.

Cleary, an Annapolis Graduate, is splits the difference on most issues. He defines himself as fiscally conservative — and argues that Barrar isn’t — and holds more moderate positions on social issues.

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