2010 Election Preview

6th Congressional District

Manan Trevedi (D) vs. Jim Gerlach (R-Incumbent)

Manan Trivedi

This race pits Trevidi, a doctor, versus a four-term incumbent.

Gerlach, who had a short-lived campaign for governor, has a fairly moderate record and has at times, found himself in the crosshairs of the left and the right. He has supported both stem cell research as well as the surge of troop levels in Iraq.

Jim Gerlach

Trivedi is an Iraq War veteran, who has expressed support for health care reform, the stimulus, but is arguing for a cut in Congressional pay.

Gerlach’s first three races were very close — and only large margins in Chester County put him over the top. 2008 proved to be less close — despite being a strong year for Democrats in general.

7th Congressional District
Chadds Ford

Pat Meehan ( R) and Jim Schneller (I) vs. Brian Lentz (D)

Pat Meehan

The race has been among the nastiest in the nation, with claims that Lentz campaign helped to get Schneller, who has been associated with the Tea Party movement, on the ballot to take votes away from Meehan.

Brian Lentz

Meehan is a former U.S. Attorney, while Lentz an attorney and Iraq War vet, is currently serving his second term in the state house of representatives.

Both of the major party campaigns have spent big money on the seat, once held but Curt Weldon and more recently held by Sestak.

16th Congressional District
Birmingham, East Marlborough, Newlin, Pennsbury and West Marlborough

Lois Herr (D) vs. Joe Pitts (R-Incumbent)

Lois Herr

This is the third rematch — and based on polling — the closest contest between the two.

Joe Pitts

Pitts, from East Marlborough, is a seven-term incumbent and played a major role in shaping the health care reform legislation, in helping to craft the Pitts-Stupak amendment, which prohibited any public dollars from being spent on abortion. Pitt then voted against the bill, and his own amendment. Pitts is noted for being one of the most conservative members of congress.

Herr, from Lancaster County, is a retired AT&T executive and ran against Pitts in 2004 and 2006. She’s hit Pitts on the lack of bills he’s managed to get passed in 14 years — and his failure to support measures to create jobs.

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