LCH providers attend tuberculosis training

LCH Providers

LCH Health and Community Services medical providers recently attended Dr. William Kramer’s Tuberculosis screening training from the Chester County Health Department. The training covered the current guidelines for screening for tuberculosis for both low and high-risk populations. Dr. Kramer also spoke about how to interpret test results and choose the correct treatment for individuals.

LCH family nurse practitioner Kate Hoffer states, “for those of our patient population who have either lived in or traveled to high-risk countries this is a very important screening. Many people that we take care of would qualify for this [screening].”

To be considered high risk a patient must have traveled outside of the US, Canada, or western Europe according to Kate. They could also be considered high risk if they have spent time living in any kind of residential facility.

Dr. Kramer states, “…LCH has partnered with the CCHD (Chester County Health Department) to identify and treat Latent Tuberculosis by testing high risk patients under their care. It was my pleasure as Chester County Public Health Physician to provide TB testing and treatment training to the LCH providers. The work LCH is doing will significantly impact TB Elimination in Chester County”.

Any individual with high risk of contracting Tuberculosis should be screened. Contact LCH at 610-444-7550 if you have any questions regarding your risk.

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