LCH announces opening of Pia Center in 2023

Back Left to Right: LCH CEO, Ronan Gannon; LCH Medical Director, Joseph A. Greco; Michael Pia; LCH CFO, Phil DeColli Front Left to Right: LCH Executive Assistant, Mariel Whitney; Medical Assistant, Uvel Rodriguez; Nancy Pia; LCH Director of Development, Kate Wickersham; LCH Patient Services Representative, Monica Mata-Lopez; LCH Director of Human Resources, Margarita Garay-Zarco.

Thanks to the generosity of Nancy and Michael Pia, LCH Health and Community Services (LCH) will have dedicated space for behavioral and mental health services at their West Grove location.  “LCH understands the profound importance of health and mental well-being, and that is why Mike and I support them in their mission for equitable health care for all members of our community.” commented Nancy Pia.

The space will be purposefully designed to create a safe and welcoming place for patients seeking care. “LCH is passionate about providing state-of-the-art, accessible, integrated and equitable healthcare for everyone in our community” said LCH CEO, Ronan Gannon. “We want to provide our patients with the tools they need to lead healthier and happier lives.  The Pia Center for Behavioral Health at LCH will include group therapy and outpatient therapy spaces while also allowing for integrated care at our locations in Kennett Square and Oxford”.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in a 2018 a national ambulatory medical care survey showed 55.7 million visits were made to physician offices with mental disorders as the primary diagnosis.  In 2021, data from the early release of a National Health Interview Survey showed that 11.7% of adults 18 and over have regular feelings of nervousness, worry, or anxiety.

The Pia Center at LCH is expected to open later this year and will be located at 105 Vineyard Way, West Grove, PA.

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