County Health: 1st Monkey Pox case found in Chester County

The Monkey Pox virus. Courtesy, CDC.

The Chester County Health Department has identified a Chester County resident who has tested positive for monkeypox. The Health Department has conducted the case investigation with the cooperation of the resident, and contact tracing has been completed by the Health Department, identifying a few individuals who are close contacts – to provide guidance and precaution recommendations.

The resident is doing well and is seeking appropriate care from a healthcare provider.

“Through our investigation we understand how this person was exposed and whether they may have exposed anyone else since they became infectious,” said Chester County Health Department Director Jeanne Franklin.  “Through contact tracing we have provided the few close contacts with accurate information and the offer of post-exposure vaccine.”

“The threat of monkeypox remains low,” added Franklin. “It is a rare viral disease that is not airborne and is containable particularly when prompt care is sought for symptoms. Testing for monkeypox, vaccine to prevent or lessen illness severity, and antiviral treatment is already available.”

The Health Department strongly recommends that anyone who is experiencing symptoms of an unexplained rash on their face, palms, arms, legs, genitals, or perianal region that may be accompanied by flu-like illness should contact their regular healthcare provider as soon as possible. People who are feeling ill should stay home, and ill persons should wear a mask when seeking care or if they are not able to isolate from others.

More information about monkeypox can be found at the Chester County Health Department website,

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