Aguilera-Bodolla named Avondale Emergency Management Coordinator

Ulises Aguilera-Bodolla

AVONDALE — Avondale Borough Council announced the appointment of Ulises Aguilera-Bodolla by Gov. Tom Wolf as the Emergency Management Coordinator for Avondale Borough. Ulises served as Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator for several years before being appointed on March 2nd by Gov. Wolf.

As emergency management coordinator, Ulises will be responsible for developing and administering Avondale’s emergency preparedness program. This job includes developing emergency plans and procedures to coordinate emergency service response when disasters occur. He will also serve as Avondale’s representative, working with the Chester County Emergency Management staff and the Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency.

Becoming the Emergency Management Coordinator for Avondale Borough is just one of many public service positions Ulises holds. He also serves as the Community Outreach Officer for Avondale Fire Company and has been a part of Avondale Fire Company Since 2018.

He’s raised through the ranks of junior firefighter and, at the age of 18, became an “official” interior firefighter. Ulises’s commitment to the community is admirable.

When asked why he is an active volunteer, he said “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do growing up. I’d admire any first responder I’d come across, but a few of them have had a profound impact on my career in service.”  I felt as if it was my duty to become a part of the community as I am bilingual and can communicate with a percentage of the community who speaks Spanish. Since becoming involved in Emergency Services my number one priority has been to build a relationship with businesses and residents in which we serve. My message to everyone is to keep pushing even when you are failing, never give up, and do the best of your abilities and beyond.”

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