Free pet shot clinic, Saturday in Coatesville

The Brandywine Valley SPCA will be holding free pet wellness days to help families care for their pets in partnership with Petco Love. Free services include rabies vaccines, distemper or FVRCP vaccines, and pet food. No advance registration is required.

The first one is in Coatesville on March 11 at Reeceville Elementary School, running 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. A second event will be held at the Philadelphia Navy Yard on March 19.

The clinics will be a drive-thru format. Attendees will bring their pets in a car, drive up to a check-in station, then drive up to an outdoor vaccination station. Pets will be vaccinated while in the car if possible. Cats should be in carriers, and dogs should be leashed should they need to come out of the car for their vaccinations.

More information on these and the other BVSPCA free vaccine clinics being held this month is available at:

BVSPCA safety net programs like free vaccine days and pet food pantries help families care for their pets during times of financial difficulty. “Considering the significant increase in families struggling financially recently, we put together free vaccine clinics with pet food pantries to help alleviate the stress of caring for the dogs and cats they love,” said Adam Lamb, BVSPCA CEO. “No family should have to give up their pet to a shelter or trim back on basic, essential care simply for financial reasons.”

Annual rabies and distemper vaccinations protect pets against the most common potentially fatal infectious diseases. For puppies and kittens, distemper vaccinations should begin at 6 weeks of age followed by a series of boosters then a rabies vaccination at 3 months of age.

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