Letter: A vote for Lou Mincarelli

To the Editor,

On May 18th, Republicans and Democrats will go to the polls for the primary election. I urge members of both parties to vote for Lou Mincarelli for the Chester County Court of Common Pleas.

Yes, you read that correctly. Since judges must be fair and neutral, they may file for both parties’ primaries, so long as they find several hundred voters in each party to vouch for them. Lou Mincarelli did that. Politics have divided us, but Lou Mincarelli is the consensus candidate who will bring Chester County together again.

I only met Lou Mincarelli a few years ago, but it didn’t take me long to figure out that he’s a stand-up guy. By day, Lou is an award-winning attorney. By night, he’s a devoted dad and husband. How do I know he’ll make a great judge? Because he treats every human being with dignity and reverence. His clients come from all different walks of life, and he gives every last one of them 110%.

Here’s just one example. A few years ago, a black man down in Philadelphia was arrested for a crime. However, witnesses described the perpetrator as being white. Even so, this black defendant languished in prison, doing time for someone else’s crime. Then came Lou. Lou Mincarelli took the man’s case free of charge, advocated for him, and won him his freedom back.

I would hire Lou Mincarelli to be my lawyer. I hope you’ll hire him to be our judge.


Eric Roe

Former PA State Representative, District 158

East Marlborough

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