YMCA announces 2020 award winners

Daryl Thomas

WEST CHESTER — The YMCA of Greater Brandywine (YGBW) is presenting two of its highest honors during its board meeting on Wednesday, March 24.

Daryl Thomas of Herr’s Food will receive the 2020 Distinguished Service Award, which recognizes the effort and achievement of the YMCA’s most special friends and emphasizes the need for community service by all citizens.

Advantage Building Services, LLC will receive the 2020 Community Partner Award, which recognizes an organization or group that has demonstrated a commitment to the YMCA’s mission and values and has partnered with or supported the Y in outreach initiatives that strengthen the foundations of our community.

“We are grateful to both honorees for their commitment to the Y’s mission, which has become even more critical during the pandemic. Their dedication and talent have helped us support our community in countless ways,” says Denise Day, President and CEO of YGBW.

For more than two decades, Daryl Thomas, Advisor to the CEO and Senior Vice President of Strategic Opportunities at Herr’s Foods, has been involved with the YMCA of Greater Brandywine (YGBW).

As a member of YGBW’s Board of Directors, his insight and expertise have been critical to ensuring YGBW’s longevity and sustainability. He invests his whole heart, sharing, “I love the Y mission, the WHOLE mission, and want to support youth through mentoring programs and by giving them a safe, fun place to grow and thrive,” he says.

Even when Daryl learned that he was being honored with the Distinguished Service Award, he responded selflessly, “I am honored to represent the great spirit of service and dedication typical of so many YMCA staff and volunteers. I accept this honor on behalf of all of us.”

For many years, Advantage Building & Facility Services, LLC, a successful and forward-thinking real estate firm, has embraced the YMCA’s cause of strengthening all in Chester County in both words and deeds. 

Trish Faidiga, owner of Advantage Building & Facility Services, LLC

With a unique understanding of commercial property management and maintenance, Trish Faidiga, owner of Advantage Building & Facility Services, LLC, is an indispensable advisor who serves on the YMCA of Greater Brandywine’s Board of Directors. Trish and members of her team also often assist in the planning of many YGBW fundraising events.

In 2020, as the pandemic caused temporary closures and financial uncertainty for the Y, Advantage stepped up once again, providing unrestricted operating support to YGBW. “The support and expertise that Trish and her company have generously shared is invaluable to the YMCA and truly enables us to be here for good,” says Denise Day, YGBW President and CEO.

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