Stern announces run for U.S. Senate

Everett Stern

WEST CHESTER — Everett Stern, a whistleblower who has spent a career exposing fraud and corruption and bringing to light the presence of dangerous fringe groups in America, announced today that he is a candidate for the United States Senate.

Stern, 36, a Republican, is running for the seat being vacated by Senator Pat Toomey in 2022.


“Protecting and defending the interests of the United States of America is my life’s passion and the central purpose of my career,” Stern said in a statement.  “Now I want to take that dedication to the United States Senate and be a relentless voice for the benefit of the people of Pennsylvania.”

Stern is the founder and CEO of private intelligence agency Tactical Rabbit.  Part of the company’s work has included gathering inside information on radical political groups including the anti-law enforcement group FTP and the white supremacist organization Sovereign American. Intelligence gathered by Stern’s efforts was passed on to federal law enforcement.

In 2011, Everett Stern gained international notoriety when he brought to light the illegal efforts of his then-employer, HSBC Bank, to launder money and assist nations involved in supporting terrorism and drug trafficking. Stern’s work resulted in the bank being fined a record almost two billion dollars.

“The people of Pennsylvania deserve a leader who will fight for them against the most powerful special interests, the most entrenched politicians, and a corrupt system whose leaders have forgotten that they answer to the people,” Stern said.  “There’s never been a time when bold, unafraid new leadership has been more badly needed.”

For more information on Everett Stern, please visit his campaign website,

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