Moro pens memoir, seeks to highlight civility, common ground in politics

Elizabeth Moro

CHADDS FORD — Author and former candidate for U.S. Congress Elizabeth Moro has published a personal memoir that chronicles her experiences on the campaign trail, dispels the notion that the U.S. is a country divided, and explores how political discourse can bring people together rather than tear them apart.

In “The Civil Graces Project: The Pursuit for Common Ground,” Moro provides a compassionate approach to healing America’s dialogue that respects the country’s robust diversity of ideas and drills down to the root of the U.S.’s presently chaotic political climate.

Moro’s book begins with the individual and shows readers how making small changes in one’s life can lead to collective change for the world. “The Civil Graces Project” invites readers to have the courage to explore the things they have in common to heal and create a community – and by extension, a world – that is more inclusive and just.

With the U.S. at a transformative juncture in human history, “The Civil Graces Project” highlights how the old system is no longer serving Americans and emphasizes the importance of redefining the common ground so that the nation can rearticulate what is essential and develop a partnership model of society.

“We have seen in so many ways how our society is hurting,” Moro said. “When a nation is divided, it is much easier to overcome, but a united people are much harder to break, even if their ideas are diverse. If we are constantly told we are at odds, we begin to lose hope in one another. That is the real tragedy.”

Ultimately, “The Civil Graces Project” is not necessarily a book full of answers, but rather an exploration of the questions that can shift from the concept of “a country divided” to that of a country with many gifts and opportunities to redesign the future together.

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