Coroner announces plans to again inter remains of unclaimed

Memorial Crypt Plaque at Philadelphia Memorial Park. Photo Credit Donna De Stefano

The Chester County Coroner’s Office is planning to inter the unclaimed cremains of the following 28 individuals in the near future. Unclaimed cremains of non-veterans are interred every two years in a crypt donated to Chester County in 2018 by Philadelphia Memorial Park, Frazer, PA. A memorial ceremony for the first interment took place November 8, 2018. Due to current gathering restrictions, a ceremony will not be held this year.

All cremains have been retained by the Coroner’s Office for at least one year. The names of decedents to be interred are provided as a final notification to any next of kin (closest living relative). If you are the next of kin or an interested party who would like to claim someone’s cremains, please call the office at 610-344-6165.


Robert Clarke, 61, of Caln Township, died March 2, 1999; manner natural.

Clarence Troup, 71, of Coatesville City, died May 8, 2006; manner natural.

John Sapone, 53, of Sadsbury Township, died October 1, 2006; manner natural.

Henry Masterson, 52, of Honey Brook Township, died January 24, 2007; manner natural.

Deborah McKeon, 61, of Phoenixville City, died August 23, 2017; manner natural.

Thomas Jones, 83, of Middletown Township, Delaware County, died November 27, 2017; manner accidental.

Joseph Logan, 65, of Coatesville City, died December 19, 2017; manner natural.

Anthony Fazio, 74, of Kennett Township, died January 10, 2018; manner natural.

Robert Williams, 62, of West Goshen Township, died March 10, 2018; manner accidental.

John Ostrander, 65, of East Vincent Township, died March 14, 2018; manner natural.

Robert Patten, 62, of West Pottsgrove Township, Montgomery County, died April 2, 2018; manner natural.

Thomas Joseph Christenson, 60, Westtown Township, died April 18, 2018; manner natural.

Lewis T. Blackwell, 84, of Spring City Borough, died May 10, 2018; manner natural.

Marcella Zelmanoff, 75, of Phoenixville Borough, died October 7, 2018; manner accidental.

Theodore Stevens, 60, of West Chester Borough, died October 28, 2018; manner natural.

Michele Scott, 46, of Coatesville City, died November 4, 2018; manner accidental.

Cheryl Landon, 60, of Coatesville City, died December 4, 2018; manner natural.

Randy Wemett, 73, of Coatesville City, died December 6, 2018; manner natural.

Angel Rios, 57, of West Chester Borough, died January 10, 2019; manner natural.

Frank Krull, 52, of West Caln Township, died February 12, 2019; manner natural.

David G. Barr, 60, of Coatesville City, died February 19, 2019; manner natural.

William Marshall, 68, of West Chester Borough, died February 28, 2019; manner natural.

Carolyn K. Seager, 64, of Caln Township, died April 23, 2019; manner natural.

Charles Baker, 51, of New Garden Township, died June 5, 2019; manner accidental.

Mary Yarnall, 76, of West Chester Borough, died July 18, 2019; manner natural.

Eliauro E. Budanauro, 75, of Downingtown Borough, died September 6, 2019; manner natural.

Doris Deluna, 65, of Pottstown Borough, Montgomery County, died September 8, 2019; manner natural.

Larry E. Powell, 78, Phoenixville Borough, died February 24, 2019; manner natural.

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