Letter: Chesco legislators standing against polluters

To The Editor,

As we near election day, voting for those whose first priority is our health and environment is extremely important for our future. Unfortunately, most Pennsylvania state legislators are severely lacking in their duty to address one of the most threatening crises facing us: climate change. Pennsylvania is the fourth biggest carbon dioxide emitter in the United States, and the recent bills and regulations being passed through the state legislature are threatening further environmental degradation.

Even though many legislators throughout Pennsylvania are corrupted by the money and power of the fossil fuel industry, most of the officials representing Chester County are relentlessly battling for clean air and water, protection of open spaces, and mitigation of the climate crisis. State Senator Katie Muth as well as State Representatives Dan Williams, Melissa Shusterman, Danielle Friel Otten, Carolyn Comitta, and Christina Sappey are all continually dedicated to standing against polluters who value profit over our future.

They have spoken out and voted against bills giving millions of dollars to petrochemical industries, loosening guidelines for conventional oil and gas drilling, halting funding for environmental solutions, and prohibiting the Department of Environmental Protection from controlling carbon dioxide emissions. We celebrate their incredible and critical accomplishments and encourage other legislators to follow suit. We need many more officials in positions of power to protect our environment and prevent climate change from devastating our futures. So, whether it is from your house or at the polls, vote because our future depends on it.

Avani Kavathekar 
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