LCH connects with patients via telehealth

KENNETT SQUARE — Local community health center LCH (La Comunidad Hispana) is now offering a new option for care: Telehealth, which connects patients and their providers through technology instead of being in the same room.  All patients need are some type of device with a screen, such as a cell phone or a computer, access to strong Wi-Fi, and a private, well-lit space during the visit.

LCH has transitioned to acute-only care during the pandemic at their three locations, but with Telehealth, providers can connect with their patients for routine visits, medication follow-up, behavioral health, chronic care management, pediatrics, and more.  “It is a great addition to our services, especially now,” said LCH Board Chair Jeanne Casner, County Health Director.  “We can still provide care without adding any additional risk to members or staff.”  You can read more about LCH’s full list of Telehealth visits.

“LCH has a proud history of addressing and accommodating barriers to care,” said Mariana Izraelson, Psy.D, PMP, Chief Executive Officer at LCH.  “We have extended hours, we have bilingual care, we have wrap around services…LCH Telehealth is another way that we can meet people where they are.”

The health center has spent the past three weeks preparing staff, and their patients, for Telehealth. “This is a whole new way of providing care,” said Federico Ceppa, MD, Director of Primary Care.  “We have had a great team behind the scenes working through the logistics and workflows for these types of visits.  And we have done a lot of patient education around Telehealth.”  Most patients do have access to a cell phone and Wi-Fi, but if there is a poor connection, the provider continues the visit over the phone.  LCH’s patient how-to videos are available for the public to view in English and in Spanish.  “We will learn a lot in these first few weeks and adjust as needed to ensure that our members are having the best experience possible with Telehealth.”

LCH plans to continue to offer Telehealth as an option even after COVID-19 subsides.  “An in-person medical visit is always the best option, but transportation continues to be an incredible challenge for the community.  Telehealth helps to eliminate this barrier,” said Dr. Izraelson.  LCH plans expand Telehealth visits to dental patients in the near future.  Visit for the most updated list of LCH health and community services available during COVID-19.

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