Joy Metcalfe workshop this weekend

Joy Metcalfe

KENNETT SQUARE — Internationally known holistic health counselor, writer and lecturer Joy Metcalfe will be giving a free talk Friday night, along with paid workshops Saturday and Sunday and still has some some limited individual sessions available, Aug. 29-31.

The free talk is Friday evening,  7 to  9 p.m., with workshops Saturday and Sunday, 10am-3pm. The workshops have a fee of $265.

In addition, individual one-hour sessions will be available, Aug. 28 through 31. There are still openings 8/29 @1pm, 8/30 @ 1 & 4pm & 8/31 @ 11:30am for channeling, medical intuitive sessions ($150 for 1 hour) or a mixture of Reiki and HanMi Buddhism healing techniques ($95-1 hr).

Contact or 484.888.6966 for flyers, info & registration.

Learn to Master Your Body and create health and physical ease through the creation of Qi, the life force within your body. Learn to Master Your Mind, and develop one pointed focus by eliminating distraction and resistance. Learn to Master Your Destiny by gaining insight through a higher level of consciousness and awareness.

The Chinese Esoteric School has evoked great interest in the community since opening its teachings to the public in 1999 for the first time in 1,400 years. The simple yet profound methods of self-practice, transmitted by Dechan Jueren, the 49th lineage holder of the Esoteric School, have been time tested to support the practitioner through life’s journey.

These techniques can assist you to live free from worry, defilements, and sufferings so that you may more easily achieve a healthy body and mind and to experience peace and fulfilled wishes. For one who continues with these practices, a higher or deeper state of consciousness is achieved, creating unfathomable spiritual discovery and causing true wisdom to emerge.

TREASURE VASE has a very profound effect on the energetic body and can bring forth an inner Qi-releasing movement in a very short period of time. The energy brought forth in this manner can fight against ageing; resist all kinds of illness and open up one’s wisdom eye. This practice will also support the practitioner in being able to easily withstand every possible environmental condition, including extreme heat and cold.

CALMING & RELAXING aims to eliminate the resisting mind allowing it go from its ordinary state into the higher and deeper states of consciousness. The practice has four parts and will permit the beginning practitioner to “enter into state” what classical Buddhist theory calls the calm and relaxed awareness necessary to attain enlightenment in this lifetime.

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