Letter: Energize PA is an oxymoron

To The Editor,

Energize PA, an oxymoron:

Are we really serious about combating Climate Change? Why would a bill be introduced that would perpetuate the use of fossil fuels? That’s exactly what we would be doing if the Energize PA package of bills (HB 1100) is passed by providing an $800 billion per project tax credit subsidy for any petro-chemical building project in PA for the next 30 years. It has already passed the House and it is now headed for the Senate.

Environmental programs such as hazardous site cleanup, educational programs, and infrastructure go unfunded, but an $800 billion a year tax credit can be given to some of the richest and dirtiest companies in the world. We should be subsidizing projects that would reduce global warming not contribute to it.

Please be sure to contact your PA Senator to tell them to vote NO on HB1100. Your senators in Chester County are Tom Killion, Andrew Dinniman, Tim Kearney, and Katie Muth.

 Mary Ann Mack


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