Murder Mystery takes over Kennett Square

Live performance art brings out a large crowd

By Eddy K. Foster, Staff Writer, UnionvilleTimes

Inspector Doolittle (Joe Finn) accusing Russella Fungi (Beth Holladay) during the Murder Mystery put on by the Kennett Amateur Theatrical Society during August's ArtWalk.

KENNETT SQUARE — A dead body was found on the Genesis walkway at 6:45 Saturday evening and everyone had a chance to find out who the killer was, thanks to the Kennett Amateur Theatrical Society (KATS). It was the latest in a tradition of adding performance art to the First Friday Art Walks in Kennett Square.

The Murder Mystery got everyone involved. At 6.45pm, a police siren went to mark the beginning of the game. As the crowd gathered, Chief Inspector Dudley Doolittle identified the victim as Amanita, the lead singer of a 1990’s post punk band “The Fun Guys”. According to KATS published brochure, “the band was known for its incredibly energetic live shows, especially the antics of lead singer, Amanita.  After a string a successful albums in the 1990’s including one number one hit – “You Treat Me Like a Mushroom”, the Fun Guys imploded in 1999 on a string of internal conflicts caused by jealousy following a string of intra-band relationships, differences of opinion regarding the future musical direction of the band, and drug and alcohol abuse.”

The band was apparently about to kick-off a new world tour when Amanita was found dead, and it seemed like everyone had a motive. Inspector Doolittle made all the suspects proceed to various local shops, businesses, and galleries for questioning by the participants.

Participants had to determine if each suspect had motive, means, and opportunity to perform the murder, and retailers certainly enjoyed having the people come through their shops. Some places handed out free wine, cheese, and punch. Kennett Square Massage was entering all interested parties into a drawing for a free massage.

“I really think this is a great way for the businesses to drive customers to their shops. I’ve been to places tonight that I didn’t even know existed, and I plan on coming back,” participant Alex Cutrona said. “It has been a really fun event, and I am definitely coming back the next time they do this.”

At the end of the evening, the real killer was announced: Russela Fungi, who was the band’s manager. She wanted the band to fail because their founder cheated on her, and killed Amanita with a sharp blow from a laptop in a purse. Upon this announcement, Russela was taken into custody and the game was over.

The Kennett Square Merchants donated special “Murder Mystery T-Shirts as prizes for  the first 20 correct solutions to the mystery. The entire event was completely free, and well attended. First Friday Art Strolls continue the first Friday of every month from 6pm-9pm.

The entire cast of Murder Mystery.

The Cast:
Morchella- Bonnie Bleacher
“Baby Bella”- Hadley Ramsey
Chanterelle- Guenevere Finley
Robert Fungi- Peter Giangiulio
Exida- Tricia Finn
Calvatia- Caroline Holladay
Sparassis- Ava Samorski
Russella Fungi- Beth Holladay
Dirk Windbag- Bill Crampton
Tighe Master- Adrian Albidress
Tania Deff- Nancy Goyda
Slick- Aaron Hrenko
Rowdy- Abbie Roberts
Jillian Nightfalls- Samantha Moon
Porto Bello- Becky Galante
Olivia Newsome- Ireland Robb
Natalie Newsmith- Irene Meredith
Belinda Roadweary- Lorraine Desjadin
Samantha Spudsinger- Lisa Teixeira
Flower- Amy Gottsegen
Feather- Emily Coons
Shady Character 1- Mike Ferry
Shady Character 2- Michelle Della Ferra
Shady CHaracter 3- Howard Porter
Inspector Al Doolittle- Joe Finn
Canta Solvenithing- Debora “BJ” Crampton

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