Keeping it fresh: 30 days, 30 different looks

By mixing and matching your wardrobe items, you can extends your fashion palate& budget

By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist,

“I have an irrational fear of wasting a good outfit on an insignificant day.”

Don’t know who said this….but, it makes me laugh and I concur wholeheartedly!

Back in high school a few friends and I kept a “clothes journal.”  We would document the specifics of the outfit (including accessories) and note the date and the event associated with the ensemble.

I would go many, many weeks without wearing the same combination.


I know.  This window into my past is certainly not my most flattering. In fact, it makes me sound like a clothes horse (that’s HORSE with an “h” and not a “w” lose the “s”) and kinda bratty.

(Hello? Have we met?)

Unfortunately, more than one decade has lapsed since I have been in high school. Yet, the idea of repeating an outfit over and over (even if it is one that makes my heart flutter) gives me pause.

But then I stumbled across a blog with an intriguing challenge: for 30 days choose 30 pieces of clothing that you must reconfigure into 30 different outfits.

There is no hard and fast rule but I would suggest: 6 pairs of pants (at least 2 different styles of jeans), 6 pairs of shoes, 8 tops (combo of t-shirts and blouses), 5 skirts and 5 sweaters.

Interesting  prospect, aye?

Now for some, 30 pieces may seem excessive, to others not nearly enough. Whatever number of items one selects, the point of the exercise is to “work your closet.” This concept is particularly relevant in today’s economy.

And, let’s be truthful…don’t you always seem to gravitate towards the same items in your closet time after time? The revealing part of doing this challenge is to force yourself to explore pairings that you may not have thought of before.

For example, I bet that you have a black pants suit hanging up that you only ever wear together. What if you took the jacket added some vintage sparkly pins at the lapel and wore it with a white ribbed tank and your favorite jeans for a dressy/casual night on the town?

Then, take the trousers, cuff the bottom and wear them with a chunky sweater and ankle boots for a Sunday morning brunch.

Or, how about that little black sheath dress you have had for years? You know the one reserved for job interviews or funerals?

Instead of your normal heels and conservative necklace, throw on leggings underneath, add some boots with a cardigan and scarf and it completely transforms the look.

After one month of combining the 30 items you will get a good idea of what things you really love and are versatile and which could potentially be donated to charity or swapped with a friend.

I know that this sounds really loony….but, when you find an outfit that really “works” and makes you feel great…WRITE IT DOWN! That way, when you have somewhere to go at the last minute, you have an outfit prepared that you know you will look great in.

Try the 30 in 30 and let me know how it goes! It is a fun way to revamp your wardrobe for fall!

Happy Weekend!

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