Sangria Sundays bring relaxation to Chaddsford Winery

Guitarist Mike Favinger entertains the crowd with Classic Rock

By Eddy K. Foster, Staff Writer,

Employees at the Chaddsford Winery prepare drinks at the new Tiki Bar.

PENNSBURY- Temperatures near 100 degrees could not keep away the crowd in this summer’s third installment of Sangria Sundays at Chaddsford Winery.

During the month of July, the winemaking establishment has been opening its doors to wine enthusiasts and music lovers alike. Continuing this tradition for more than a decade, the local vintners have augmented the event this year.

“We are trying to introduce a Caribbean feel to¬† the event. This year, we constructed a Tiki Bar to serve our wines and other drinks to our patrons. We are trying to keep it light and fresh here at Chaddsford Winery, and we plan on expanding the Tiki Bar in the years to come,” manager Greg Kuhn explained.

The Tiki Bar is surely a hit with their customers. Bartenders were serving up their traditional sangria alongside “sangria slushies” made with frozen lemonade, as well as Sunset Blush punch made with blush, sangria, and lemon-lime soda. “People here really enjoy the wonderful day, and it really is fun for all of us,” explained Tiki bartenders Robin and Susan. “We have all of our wines available by the bottle, and a selection available by the glass as well.”

Each week, a musician or musical group is on hand to entertain the patrons of the winery. “We generally have a single artist, a duo, or a trio. We like to have great, enjoyable music that does not overpower the ability of our customers to hold a conversation,” Greg Kuhn said.

This week, the music was provided by Guitarist Mike Favinger, who played a selection of classic rock songs from bands such as Simon and Garfunkel. “Normally we attract over 300 people to these events. So put away the yardwork, gather a group of friends, and come enjoy these lazy Sunday afternoons,” Kuhn said.

BBQ foods available for purchase from Nick’s Chicks at Sangria Sundays, which wrap up next week. In August, Sangria Sundays end to make way for Tiki Tunes. Sangria Sundays are from 2pm to 6pm Sundays in July. Next week will feature the music of Hake and Jarema, a West Chester based musical act.

Chaddsford Winery is located on Route 1 in Pennsbury Township, and they are open from Tuesday to Sunday from noon until 6pm.

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