UCFSD approves student handbooks, asks for student conduct policy feedback

By JP Phillips, Staff Writer, The Times

The cover of the new Unionville High School student handbook.

EAST MARLBOROUGH — Monday night’s Unionville Chadds-Ford School Board Meeting was brief, including only the voting items needed to ensure a smooth start to the upcoming school year.

Student handbooks for elementary, middle, and high schools were approved.  The updated handbooks better mirror district policies.  The Athletics piece is now a separate book (which is up for “first read,” found here). 

Board President Jeff Hellrung noted that the dress code is now much less prescriptive.

“We’re asking our students to dress ‘appropriately’ ” Hellrung said. “We are trusting our students and our parents– that they are not going to let the students out the door if they are dressed inappropriately.  And we are trusting our Administration for cases when they feel the line has been crossed, and students are dressed in a way that’s disruptive to our academic program, that (it) will be reined in and corrected.  And when that happens, administrators–I’m sure– will act using your good judgement and that we will be supporting you.”

Superintendent John Sanville reiterated that a committee is currently reviewing policy 218, the Code of Student Conduct.  This policy deals with student rights and responsibilities, discipline infractions and resulting penalties, the suspension rescission opportunity for first-time offenders, and bullying.  With meetings held throughout the summer, the committee is on target to make recommendations to the Board in September.  Board and community feedback should be directed to Assistant Superintendent John Nolen.

A new English textbook as well as several new novels were approved for the high school.

Handbooks, documents and videos related to this meeting are found on the UCFSD website.

Next Up:  Curriculum/Instruction Meeting on August 13th at 4:30, and then the Work Session at 7:30.  Both meetings take place in room 14 at the District Office, adjacent to the High School.  They will be broadcasted live (and archived) on the UCFSD web site.

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