DA announces charges in three Chesco slayings

Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan announced the filing of homicide charges for three separate cases in Chester County, Tuesday.

In a North Coventry case, three defendants are charged with the murder of 17-year old David Doyle, who was shot while trying to protect three children during the robbery of a drug dealer on September 24, 2017.

In a Phoenixville case, defendants Brian Corsey and Robert McCoy are charged with killing 15-year old Jayson Ortiz-Cameron in the middle of a drug deal at a Dunkin’ Donuts on December 27, 2017.

In a Valley Township case, defendant Alan Carter has been arrested and indicted for a drive-by shooting double homicide in 2015 triggered by the theft of cocaine and money.

“All three of these homicides are drug related,” Hogan said. “The business of dealing drugs is inherently violent. Once again, we see the unholy trinity of drugs, guns, and money resulting in the death of young men.”

The North Coventry homicide happened on September 24, 2017. The victim was 17-year old David Doyle. The defendants are Ricardo “Hov” Rivera, Jonathan “Chicken Wing” Malave, and Anaye Raggazino.

Raggazino, an alleged drug addict, was reportedly aware that a resident at 782 Worth Boulevard in North Coventry Township was selling drugs. She decided that it would be an easy score to rob the drug dealer, stealing drugs and money. She allegedly recruited three males to conduct the robbery: defendants Rivera and Malave, and a still unknown third man.

Investigators say that on Sept. 24, defendant Raggazino made contact with the residence in North Coventry. Raggazino, Rivera, Malave, and the third male drove to the residence. Raggazino’s role was to get into the residence and make sure the door was unlocked. Rivera and the other male would come in and conduct the armed robbery. Malave was the getaway driver.

Victim David Doyle was staying over at the residence that night. He was sleeping in the living room with three young children, ages 9, 8, and 3.

Raggazino eventually got into the residence and left the door unlocked.

Rivera and the other male entered, brandishing a gun and wearing masks. The 17- year old victim jumped up to try to protect the children. The victim and Rivera reportedly got into a struggle. Rivera then allegedly fired twice, hitting the victim in the torso and sending the other shot through the ceiling.

The three fled. Doyle was transported to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The defendants have been charged with murder, conspiracy, robbery, and related offenses. All three defendants are in custody and were remanded to Chester County Prison.

“This case was another example of outstanding police work by North Coventry Township Detectives and the Chester County District Attorney’s Office,”North Coventry Police Chief Robert Schurr said. “After seven months of tireless work and determination by investigators, those responsible for the shooting death of 17- year old David Doyle will stand trial for their evil and selfish actions.”

This case was investigated by the North Coventry Police Department and the Chester County Detectives. Anybody with information should contact North Coventry Detective Tim Prouty at (610) 323-8360 or Chester County Detective Bob Balchunis at (610) 344-6866. The assigned prosecutors are First Assistant District Attorney Michael Noone and Assistant District Attorney Michelle Barone.

In the second case, in Phoenixville, On December 27, 2017, defendants Robert McCoy and Brian Corsey reportedly arranged via Snapchat to buy marijuana from victim Jayson Ortiz-Cameron and another victim at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Phoenixville. McCoy and Corsey actually planned to rob the two victims.

McCoy, Corsey, and one other male reportedly drove to the Dunkin’ Donuts, driving a complete loop around the parking lot to make sure they were not under surveillance. Corsey is alleged to have had a gun with him. Corsey and McCoy then made contact with Ortiz-Cameron and the other victim in the rear of the parking lot.

There was some back-and-forth between the groups. Eventually, Corsey and Ortiz-Cameron were alone near the parked car. McCoy then grabbed the second victim and refused to let him near Corsey and Ortiz­ Cameron. Corsey pulled a gun and allegedly shot Ortiz-Cameron in the head.

Corsey, McCoy, and the third male (who never got out of the car) immediately fled in their vehicle. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

The defendants have been charged with murder, robbery, conspiracy, and related offenses. McCoy has been arrested and committed to Chester County Prison. Corsey, the shooter, is still at-large and wanted.

This case was investigated by the Phoenixville Police Department and the Chester County Detectives. Anybody with information should contact Phoenixville Detective Nick Natale at (610) 933-1180 or Chester County Detective Joe Walton at (610) 344-6866. The assigned prosecutors are Deputy District Attorney Carlos Barraza and Assistant District Attorney Samantha Ryan.

“The senseless murder of a 15-year old boy was the result of a petty drug deal gone awry,”Phoenixville Police Chief Tom Sjostrom said. “It is a tragedy that reinforces the dangers of all illegal drug use in our community. These charges are another example of the cooperative efforts between the Phoenixville Police Department and Chester County District Attorney’s Office to combat drug-related crime.”

The Valley Township double homicide took place on October 17, 2015. The defendant is Alan Carter, 24 years old. His last known address was 212 Union Street, Coatesville, Pennsylvania.

The victims in this case are Clayton Woodward and Terrance Craig-White.

They were allegedly gunned down by Carter while they were sitting in a minivan outside of Woodward’s home.

This crime happened because Carter reportedly believed that victim Woodward had stolen cocaine and money from his residence. The defendant believed that Woodward had broken into the residence while armed, tied up and threatened defendant’s family, then stole the defendant’s drugs and money.

In response, on the same day of the theft of the drugs and money, Carter reportedly decided to exact his revenge. Carter waited until Woodward, Craig-White, and Danielle Taltoan were parked in Woodward’s minivan in front of Woodward’s residence at 18 Nichols Avenue in Valley Township. Carter then drove up in a 2010 Nissan Rogue SUV and allegedly opened fire with a .40 caliber semi-automatic handgun. Woodward and Craig-White were both hit multiple times and were declared dead at the scene. Danielle Taltoan, located in the back seat, survived unscathed.

The Chester County Detectives systematically put the case against the defendant together over the last three years. The Nissan SUV was located, abandoned in Southwest Philadelphia. The SUV was positively linked to the defendant. Gunshot residue was recovered from the vehicle.

Witnesses who saw the SUV driving away from the crime scene were located and interviewed. The Detectives also located and interviewed multiple witnesses to whom the defendant had either bragged or admitted to committing the shooting.

Carter has been charged with two counts of first degree murder and related crimes. He has been arrested and remanded to Chester County Prison.

There is no bail in first degree murder cases.

The Valley Township murder was investigated by the Chester County Detectives. The assigned prosecutors are Chief of Trials Ron Yen and Assistant District Attorney Tanner Jacobs. Anybody with further information should contact Chester County Detective Kristin Lund at (610) 344-6866.

“Whether a case is a few months old or a few years old, Chester County law enforcement never gives up,” Hogan said. “We also are not afraid to try tough cases, to support the hard work of the police. All of this makes Chester County a good place to be a citizen, a bad place to be a criminal.”

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