Teen slain at Phoenixville Dunkin Donuts

Authorities shared this image of a car that left a Dunkin’ Donuts in Phoenixville thought to be involved in a deadly shooting Wednesday and are asking the public for help in identifying the shooter.

PHOENIXVILLE — A 15-year old was shot to death Wednesday night in an apparent drug deal gone wrong in the parking lot of a Dunkin Donuts.

Authorities say that Jayson Ortiz-Cameron, 15 years old, was shot and killed in the back parking lot of Dunkin’ Donuts, Wednesday evening after the youth was involved in a drug deal that went bad.

The homicide is being investigated by the Phoenixville Police Department and the Chester County Detectives who are seeking individuals captured on parking lot video cameras — and the car that the individuals left in. County and local law enforcement had one message for those who did not pull the trigger: turn  yourself in.

“The individuals in the car who were not the shooter should contact authorities immediately,” Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan said in a statement. “Some individuals may be treated as witnesses rather than defendants, but that opportunity decreases with every minute you stay on the run. We are using multiple investigative tools and leads to track you down.”

Investigators said that the victim and other people planned to commit a robbery in the middle of marijuana deal in the back parking lot of the Dunkin’ Donuts. During that drug transaction, the victim was shot and killed.

At approximately 7:15 p.m., a car containing the shooter arrived at the Dunkin’ Donuts and circled the entire store, consistent with counter-surveillance. The car then backed into a spot at the back of the parking lot. The victim and his friends, police said, had been in contact with the occupants of the car to set up the drug deal.

The victim and his friends approached the car. There were 3-4 people in the car, including a black male driver with dreadlocks or braids and a white male in the front passenger seat. The victim and his friends had a conversation with the occupants of the car, which escalated into a confrontation.

Authorities said the black male driver was arguing with the victim and his friends about the marijuana deal. The white male from the front passenger seat joined the argument. One of the males from the car then pulled a silver handgun and shot the victim, who dropped to the ground. The males from the car got back into the car and immediately fled, exiting onto Milligan Street.

The vehicle left the scene at approximately 7:24 p.m. based on video footage.

Phoenixville Police and emergency responders arrived at the scene in response to 911 calls. Ortiz-Cameron was pronounced dead shortly after that.

Police are actively seeking the males in the car. Anybody with information should contact Chester County Detective Joe Walton at 610-344-6866 or Phoenixville Detective Pat Mark at 610-933-1180.

“We have a combined investigative team working on this case,” Phoenixville Police Chief Thomas Sjostrom said. “This was not a random act of violence. We will continue to work diligently to uncover all of the case facts and evidence in order to determine the identity of the shooter.”

Hogan noted frustration with the pointless loss of a young  life.


“The suspects were engaged with this victim over a petty drug deal,” Hogan said. “Now a young man is dead and the suspects are fugitives, knowing that one of them is a killer. All of this violence was triggered by a little bit of weed and a little bit of greed. It is senseless.”

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