Pocopson: No tax hike planned for 2018

By Karen Cresta, Staff Writer, The Times

POCOPSON – The brief Township Board of Supervisors meeting held on Monday, Nov. 27, resulted in an approved 2018 budget with no tax increase for residents.

The portion of the property tax allocated to fire and ambulance services was reduced by approximately $92,000 for 2018.  The reason for the reduction is the participation by the township in the Kennett Regional Fire and EMS Commission. 

The commission was recommended after a task force was formed in 2013 to review the allocation of funds to Longwood, Kennett, and Po-Mar-Lin fire companies.  It collaborated resources and funds with East Marlborough, Kennett, Kennett Borough, Newlin, Pennsbury and Pocopson townships.  Taxpayers became responsible for a percentage of the overall fund based on population, assumed value and the number of fire and EMS responses.

The allocation of the property tax bills for 2018 are 1 mill for open space; 0.8 mills for general township purposes; 0.25 mills for fire protection services; and 0.15 mills for ambulance, rescue and other emergency services.

In other township news, Corporal Connor from the Avondale State Police barracks presented the past three months of police incidents.  He announced that there were no unusual calls in the area and they averaged the same as in the past.

Connor mentioned that any gun shots fired in the area that are reported will be investigated.  Supervisor Alice Balsama reported shot gun noises in her neighborhood on several occasions and was concerned for safety of the residents.  Connor urged residents to report any activity since only bow and arrow hunting is allowed at this time.

Supervisor Elaine DiMonte asked Connor if the township should consider having its own police force as it has been suggested in the past.  Connor said there are no problems with covering Pocopson Township.

DiMonte added, “I don’t think we could afford our own police force here in Pocopson.”

Connor also announced that the Avondale State Police Barracks collects unwanted and outdated medicine seven days a week/24 hours a day.  Medication can be dropped in the large marked red container located in the lobby.

Connor informed the township to notify him of any speeding issues on township roads.  A police car will be sent to monitor the area.  The supervisors thanked Connor for the traffic coverage during the Route 926 bridge construction and opening.

Chairwoman Ricki Stumpo reminded residents to lock their cars and houses and not to leave garage door openers in open cars.

Public Works Director Mark Knightly announced that the road crew will be clearing leaves in gutters for the township buildings.  Stumpo announced that Public Works employee and township Fire Marshal, Jim Knightly, left for new employment and the vacancy needs to be filled. A job posting for a full-time Public Works employee is listed on the township website.

The next township meeting will be held on Monday, Dec. 11, at 7:30 p.m.  This will be the only meeting in December due to the holidays.  For more township news and a copy of the budget, visit the township website at www.pocopson.org.

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