Corbin announces $75K in grants to Brandywine Red Clay Alliance

State Rep. Becky Corbin (R-155)

Representative Becky Corbin (R-East Brandywine) today announced that the Brandywine Red Clay Alliance has been awarded a $75,000 grant to assist with restoration of two storm water basins.

The funding comes from the Watershed Restoration Protection fund under the Commonwealth Financing Agency, which manages the state’s economic stimulus programs. The fund provides grants to construct, improve, expand, repair, maintain, and rehabilitate new and existing Best Management Practices (BMPs) in watersheds.

The project involves repairing and retrofitting two storm water basins at the headwaters of Ludwig’s Run, an impaired stream. After repairs, the stream area will be seeded with native grasses and wildflowers, and the berms will be landscaped with small trees and shrubs. While the stream has a small flow from groundwater sources, it experiences much greater flow during storms due to significant storm water runoff from developed areas. The large water volume and velocity have degraded the area resulting in bank erosion, sedimentation, and disturbance of the stream bed. This project will help control the volume and velocity of storm water and reduce sedimentation of the stream.

“This project is the final segment of a long-term watershed restoration plan in the Ludwig’s Run watershed,” Corbin said. “Stabilizing the watershed not only reduces flooding during storms, but also diminishes erosion and improves water quality in our tributaries. Thank you to the Brandywine Red Clay Alliance for helping to protect our community’s environmental treasures.”


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