Battling the 20-minute weekend

By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist, The Times

Why does the weekend go by sooooo quickly? Am I right? (Of course I am)

The work week drags on and on and on…but Friday comes and I blink and it’s Sunday night. It feels exceptionally fast once the summer ends and the days are shorter. Daylight Savings Time messes everything up (MAJORLY) and makes those precious 48(ish) hours of downtime feel fleeting.

So, what are a few ways to soak up the weekend and feel energized to tackle another Monday? I have some ideas…

  • Make a To-Do List – I realize that some may perceive this suggestion to be a little too regimented; but, hear me out. I think, if you don’t have a basic outline of things that you want to do during your precious moments of freedom, the weekend can slip away and you can be left feeling unaccomplished. Try compiling a list separated into errands and activities. That way, you can designate the proper amount of time necessary to complete all tasks.
  • Spread the Wealth – An important footnote to the above mentioned tip is to try to tackle some of the dreaded household chores over the course of the week. If you have a pile of laundry that reaches the ceiling and a barren refrigerator every Friday night, chances are you will need to spend a significant part of your Saturday catching up. Booooooo! That’s no fun. Instead, make a concerted effort to do something small every day so that the weekend can be as restful as possible.
  • Sneak in a Workout – If you have a crazy work schedule that affords you little opportunity to exercise, let Saturday and Sunday be your days to sweat. It doesn’t have to be something that you dread to do! Call a friend and make it a chance to catch up, vent about your stresses, and release endorphins. I have a girlfriend that I only get to see at the YMCA on the weekend and we celebrate with a breakfast date afterward. It is two hours that we look forward to every Saturday morning.
  • Put Down the Phone – I try to unplug on the weekends. This one is difficult, for sure.

But, I think it’s very important to take a break from checking email and voicemail and unwind. Although, to alleviate feeling overwhelmed on Sunday night worrying about Monday morning, I set aside time early on Sunday morning to go over my calendar for the upcoming week. That way, you can minimize racing around and feel prepared to start the work week on a positive note.

  • Have FUN – Plan a date, make a reservation, call some friends. Having something exciting to look forward to makes all the difference!

What are your ideas for extending the weekend? Please leave some advice in the Comment section below!

Long Live the Weekend

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