UHS students collect food for Kennett Food Bank

Many of the Unionville High School students who helped to organize a food drive for the Kennett Food Bank, after they saw a story in The Unionville Times noting the food banks need for donations.

EAST MARLBOROUGH  — Thanks to a lot of hard work, Unionville High School staff and students collected food for the Kennett Food Bank.

The students and staff saw the article in The Unionville Times explaining the need for donations. Special thanks to Ann Schott and her ninth grade classes and the “Trench Warfare” drive they put on in class collecting food items used in WW1.

Also thanks to Marcia Blumenthal and her FCS classes, Dori Ray for helping deliver the food to the food bank, Kathy DiFillipo for her great signs, and the library staff for the “Fines for Food” campaign, allowing students to pay library late fines in food. Enclosed is a picture of some of Mrs. Schott’s students with the food.

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