Pocopson Park bathrooms vandalized and locked; ballpark shed approved for purchase

By Karen Cresta, Staff Writer, The Times

POCOPSON – The Pocopson Township meeting was led, as it always is, with Chairwoman Ricki Stumpo’s request to, “Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.” After all in attendance stood for the pledge, the 19-minute meeting ensued with Director of Public Works Mark Knightly requesting two portable bathrooms for the Pocopson Park at Corrine and Wawaset Roads and a shed at the ballpark on Locust Grove Road.

The small building that houses the current bathrooms next to the tennis courts are currently locked up to avoid any further vandalism and will be cleaned up by the road crew and pumped by McGovern Waste and Disposal Company.

Supervisor Elaine DiMonte inquired about the traffic into the current bathroom facility.

“There is a lot of usage from the tennis leagues that use the courts on a regular basis,” Knightly stated.

Stumpo added, “There shouldn’t be a reason why the people of the township should have to pay for it because people are slobs.”

Knightly requested approval to rent two portable bathrooms at $160 a month that includes weekly cleaning. Supervisors Stumpo and Elaine DiMonte – Alice Balsama was not in attendance – agreed to foot the bill for one port-a-potty for the month of October on a trial basis.

Knightly received approval to purchase a shed for the ballpark at Pocopson Park on Locust Grove Road. The shed will house the mower, field rake and other hand tools. He received several estimates ranging from $2,300 – $4,500. The 2017 budget slated $10,000 and the supervisors approved his request, with the stipulation of the purchase and installation not to exceed $5,000.

The Public Works Department will be providing top soil to create flower beds for the historical Locust Grove School House. Hundreds of flowering bulbs were donated by a relative of a township resident and the township plans on thanking the individual for bulbs that will help with the beautification of the school house. A volunteer day will be set in October for the plantings.

The board will submit for review to the township solicitor, the Overlook community trail plans. Last month, Jordan Gushurst appeared before the board to discuss the updated document to include the request from the Overlook community to modify the location of the original trail easement and bridge.

“This trail has been in the process to being installed for a long time now,” said Stumpo.

The Overlook Home Owner’s Association (HOA) requested to change the logical location of the trail to coincide with a bridge over the creek that would provide connections to Pocopson Elementary.

DiMonte reported on another issue that has been in the process for a long time – the feasibility of the township to occupy the Barnard House. Last month, an agreement with GKO architects was signed to begin the feasibility study. The floor plan measurement study for the Barnard House and the current township building is underway and the whole study is expected to be completed within four months. DiMonte indicated that she will have a better update for the next meeting.

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 16, at 7:30 p.m. For more information, please visit the township website at www.pocopson.org.

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