How many lipsticks is too many?

By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist, The Times

For those of you not addicted to social media platforms, you may not know that there is a complete calendar of Hashtag Holidays. Occasionally, it promotes a specific cause or event but more often it’s just creative way to highlight something fun. For example, yesterday was

#NationalLipstickDay. And, I for one, am I big fan of lipstick.

Ladies, be honest. If you took an inventory right now, including (but not limited to) your purse, make-up organizer, car console, gym bag, desk, kitchen junk drawer, etc, how many lipsticks would you say you have?

Here’s my breakdown:

Purse 11

Make-up Organizer 7

Car Console 4

Gym Bag 2

Desk 2

Kitchen Junk Drawer 3


{photo courtesy of Social Stylate}

Jeesh. That seems excessive.

Now, some of them are lip-glosses which, in my defense, could be categorized separately since they are not technically “lipstick”. (My husband is rolling his eyes at my argument).

What can I say? I have very few vices. Buying lipstick is a rather innocent addiction. It is instant gratification (unless you get the wrong shade) for a relatively little price. And, it goes without saying that the season dictates the hue. Therefore, a variety of colors are necessary to stay au courant.

The problem with that rationale is, when I line up all of my purchases, I realize that I don’t stray too far from my good ol’ fall back: “pinkish nude”.

If, like me, you are always on the search for a natural look with just a touch of blush and a glimmer of shine, the ladies at Houppette (101 W. State Street, Kennett Square) can help. Defining the lip with a pencil and sealing with a complimentary gloss can be the key to achieving a flawless finish.

When you find just the right one, document it with a selfie and save it for #NationalLipstickDay 2018.

Happy Weekend!

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