Kennett supervisors OK Sinclair Springs plan

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By Eliza Mohler, Staff Writer, The Times

Chief of Police Lydell Nolt discusses safety issues pertaining to the lighting plan for the Sinclair Springs development project.

KENNETT – Wednesday night’s meeting of the township Board of Supervisors was lit up by the Sinclair Springs project team, who came to answer questions about the development’s proposed lighting plan.

Developer John Lynch introduced lighting consultant Kent Lazor to discuss the plan for the 78-unit townhome development on West Hillandale Road, the proposed lighting for which some neighboring residents feel is too bright and intrusive for the area. Lynch noted that the current lighting plan is a compromise between what the developers had originally envisioned and what the township has requested.

Both Lazor and Chief of Police Lydell Nolt fielded questions from the residents in attendance, who had concerns about the need for the bright lighting, as well as questions about safety ramifications for reducing the amount of lighting, especially in areas where the lights have the potential to shine into people’s homes at night.
Lazor noted that the lighting system is being designed so that the light will be the most visible in a relatively small perimeter immediately around the post from which it will emanate. The lights will also shine towards the ground, as opposed to in the air and at nearby residences.
After a lengthy debate about the plan, the board voted unanimously to approve it as is. Chairman Scudder Stevens said that while he is sympathetic to the residents’ concerns, he was compelled by Nolt’s recommendations to minimalize completely dark areas in the development, which could attract unwanted visitors during overnight hours.
Later in the meeting, a member of the township planning commission suggested that all township lighting ordinances should be reviewed in order to be brought up to speed with changes in lighting technology and safety priorities, and Supervisor Whitney Hoffman agreed.
Stevens presented an emergency services study for consideration by the board, which will help determine the feasibility of creating a six-municipality non-profit agency that will provide EMS services. The six municipalities who are being invited to consider the initiative are Kennett Township, the Borough of Kennett Square, East Marlborough Township, Pocopson Township, Pennsbury Township, and Newlin Township. Stevens hopes the Board of Supervsiors will vote on the plan within the next month.
Township attorney David Sander presented a resolution to approve the acquisition of an unnamed property via condemnation in order to not have to pay a realty transfer tax. The board voted unanimously to approve the transaction because, as Supervisor Richard Leff noted, the sellers have agreed to the idea, and doing so saves the township money. Stevens noted that the plan for acquisition is in accordance with IRS guidelines.    Send article as PDF   

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