Super Six: New fashion looks for swimsuits

By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist, The Times

It’s time for the June Super Six! With the official start of summer a few weeks away (Wednesday, June 21st to be exact), I thought it would be a good time to feature swimsuits. I know. I know. PAINFUL.

However, unless you are planning to sit on the beach or by the pool fully dressed in 100 degree temps, we have to find an acceptable solution. Thank goodness 2017 has been dubbed the Year of the One-Piece. Cue angels singing.

Here are some ground rules I established for myself prior to writing this article:

  • The bathing suit has to be appropriate for the lifestyle (most) of us are living. If you have been scouring the web, you may have noticed the onslaught of lingerie/dominatrix style stuff going on in the swimsuit industry as of late. That could cause issues at the Kennett Y pool. Ya know what I’m saying?
  • The suit cannot cost more than $100. The fact that designers are charging upwards of 400 bucks for a few yards of spandex is RIDICULOUS. Unless it has magical powers sewn into the fabric and can turn me into a supermodel, I’ll save the extra cash, thanks.
  • You need to be able to swim in it. OK, let me be real for a second. I don’t go into any body of water unless I am minutes away from bursting into flame. I’m not purchasing a swimsuit to do laps in the ocean. BUT. If I do choose to run in and run out (without getting my hair wet), I don’t want to emerge from a wave topless. Am I right?

I’m rather proud of my selection. I think that I found several options that fit all of the above criteria. AND they are cute.

AND they are all reasonably priced. Here we go…

  1. Old Navy One-shoulder Ruffle $39.94 Looooove the navy (also comes in black). The one shoulder is all the rage in fashion; so, it translates well to swimwear. Simple and elegant. Click here
  2. Aerie Super Scoop – $34.96 This is from American Eagle…therefore, my inclination would be to order the size that you think you are and then the next size up. There are a lot of really, really cute one-pieces on this website. I was drawn to the cut-out because it’s not over the top (like most of the monokini type options) and the olive color is unique. Click here
  3. Target Scallop High Neck $39.99 Remember when I was talking about designers who charge an astronomical amount for their bathing suit fashions? Well, this Target suit is a total knock off of a high end brand called Marysia Swim. Save yourself the $300 price difference. You’re welcome. Click here
  4. JCrew Factory Bandeau One-piece Lemon Print – $42.00 When life gives you lemons…turn them into an adorable bathing suit. I have several JCrew suits and the quality is great. Once you know your measurements, it is easy to re-order because it has been my experience that the sizing is consistent. Click here
  5. JCrew Shoulder Tie in Classic Stripe – $88.50 Here is my most expensive pick of the bunch. I think it is fantastic. The bows at the shoulder make it flirty and feminine…and you can NEVER go wrong with stripes. Nautical necessity. Click here
  6. Billabong Hippie Hooray Crochet One-Piece $79.95 I think this one is super sexy but still rated PG. The Nordstrom website suggests going up one size. It also comes in black and white. All gorgeous…I was drawn to the red. Click here

I am, as always, curious to hear your suggestions for swimsuit options for Summer 2017! Please share in the Comment section below.

Happy Weekend!

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