EM supervisors look to slow Rt. 82 speeders

East Marlborough Supervisors discuss buying a third radar sign for Route 82 to slow speeders.

Longwood Gardens’ fireworks schedule approved with the premiere of new fountains

By Karen Cresta, Staff Writer, The Times

EAST MARLBOROUGH – Supervisors approved the purchase of a third radar sign during Monday night’s Township Supervisors’ meeting to address the on-going speeding problem in the village of Unionville and along Route 82.

Board member John Sarro provided an update on the efforts of the safety committee to crack down on speeding motorists. Currently, the two solar-powered radar signs indicating the speed of oncoming vehicles in the village, have been very effective and approval was granted to purchase an additional sign in the amount of approximately $2,000 (already budgeted).

According to Sarro, the additional sign is mobile and battery-operated and ideal for moving to areas of concern that are shaded and where motorists tend to speed coming into the village from Coatesville or near the Kennett Square Country Club.

Sarro reported the signs have helped to slow down traffic. He also reported that crosswalks will be repainted for better visibility, especially for the busy crosswalks near the URA baseball fields and the committee is awaiting a second quote on costs to add raised crosswalks.

Supervisors also approved the annual schedule for fireworks made by Longwood Gardens’ representatives for May 28, July 2 and 22, August 12, September 2 and 16. The fireworks display will be accompanied by the grand fountains in the Main Fountain Garden. The renovated fountains will debut on May 27, after a two-year revitalization and be the focal point of the Summer of Spectacle.

Representatives assured a resident concerned about the frequent booming noise of the fireworks that there would be less emphasis on them as in years’ past and more on the fountains, as well as a new sophisticated sound system directing music within the garden.

In addition, the supervisors approved the final land development for a car wash on Onix Drive near the Walmart and all but Supervisor Bob Weer (as in previous years) approved the Walmart outdoor seasonal garden center. Weer based his objection on the original conditional use order that granted the expansion of Walmart to accommodate the garden center inside the building.

The managers responded to Weer’s opposition by informing him it is a store-based request and not a home office expansion and it was what the customers requested.

Supervisor Eddie Caudill addressed the Walmart managers and said, “You do a really nice job of it. It looks good. And it gives me a place to walk around while my wife is shopping.”

The board approved the second annual Willowdale Chapel Run for Recovery 5K on October 1 at 3 p.m. and will cover the same course as the previous year. At the end of the race, a celebration with food, music, a zip line and moonbounce will take place until approximately 5 p.m.

Also approved was the appointment of Chris McDougall as the sixth member of the township Historic Commission. The commission is adding members as current ones are scheduled to retire.

The board had a lengthy discussion about the accidental removal of a 42-inch wide specimen willow tree (a tree deemed to have more value than the average tree) that was not identified during the preservation review from the site of Walnut Walk development. A representative from Bentley Homes said a contractor mistakenly removed it before getting the appropriate approval.

Township engineer Jim Hatfield provided a history to the supervisors of how the tree was inadvertently overlooked and said that he believed the builder “has been honest and making a real effort to preserve trees.”

As compensation, and according to the ordinance, the developer will replace the tree with seven new planted ones, most likely one at the already heavily landscaped Walnut Walk development and the others at Unionville Park.

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