New month, new Super Six for your Sunday

It’s the first Sunday in March….so, that means it is time for the Super Six! This monthly article is a “Kelly hodge podge” of ideas/stream of consciousness/ window into my personality. I must confess that I don’t really have any rhyme or reason for my selections. They are (literally) what I have been perseverating about since last month’s rendition. So, without further ado…

● humble brag moment: Yes, that’s MY Instagram question posted on the Today Show webpage. Did I mention that it was also read aloud on Hoda & Kathie Lee during the Lilliana Vazquez fashion segment on Friday morning? Yepper. My five minutes of fame, ladies and gentlemen. The answer to the question (which I’m sure you’re dying to know) is found in the next bullet point.

● Statement earrings: It is THE number one #musthave accessory for Spring. And, I found this super festive option at No.109 Shop that looks like a party for your earlobe. I am especially obsessed with the blush version (in everything) this season. These fun earrings are UNDER $50 and guaranteed to stand out in a crowd. 109 W. State Street

● Party Top: March is my birthday month and I bought this top in anticipation that someone may throw me a party. Just kiddin. But, the sleeves are to-die-for and I needed a good reason to purchase it. So, any takers? I like a vanilla cake with chocolate icing and plenty of jimmies (or sprinkles for those non-Delco peeps). You can order the shirt too (just wear it AFTER March 31st). Click here:

● NYX Merengue Lip Butter: I love to throw in a good drug store find to the Super Six for some instant gratification. I’m giving credit to my girlfriend, Amanda, for this suggestion. These $6 glosses come in a wide array of colors that are PERFECT for Spring! I think between the two of us we have tried all of them…but this shade is a favorite.

● Pure Grace Dry Shampoo: Que the angels singing. THIS DRY SHAMPOO IS AH-MAZING. Do the caps convince you to run to Ulta/Sephora/Nordstrom? They should! Listen, just a head’s up, this is a pricey dry shampoo at $25. I know, I know. BUT, I am telling you that it is worth it, ladies. The scent is fabulous and the quality is top notch. Try it and let me know what you think.

● Pottery Barn Train Rack: This towel rack is ridiculously expensive at $249. Why does it need to cost that much? However, we just recently finished renovating our master bathroom and I have been scouring the internet for storage options. I fantasize about the idea of a white, fluffy, stack of towels on display like in the fancy hotels. Will it happen? I doubt it. But a girl can dream, can’t she? Click here if you want one for yourself:

There you have it! My list is complete. Now, I’d like to hear about yours. Leave a comment, please.

Happy Weekend!

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