Spring fever coming just a bit early this year

By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist, The Times

I am (blissfully) typing this article while sitting out on the patio, sans coat, iced coffee in hand. In February. Although it is highly unlikely that these 70 degree temps will continue long term, I am happy to soak it up now. Even when the weather returns to normal, the brief respite from winter is enough to force an early transition of the contents of my closet. If the daffodils in the front yard are poking through the soil, I’m taking it as a sign to pack up my heaviest sweaters and corduroy pants.

The key to creating a seamless switch from season to season is learning how to master the art of layering. It seems ridiculous to describe layering as something that you would need instructions to accomplish….just throw one thing on top of another, right? Well, not so much. It is important to be cognizant of the weight and feel of the fabric. It can throw off the look of the ensemble to blend too much at once. I think it may be easier to conceptualize in a list format:

Step 1: Start with a classic { t-shirt, tank, or cami}

Step 2: Add a long sleeved top {plaid, stripe, chambray}

Step 3: Add something for warmth {sweater, vest, cardigan}

Step 4: Eliminate the heavy coat and opt for a lighter weight option {blazer, jean jacket, leather bomber}

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While you are weeding through your fashions, keep in mind that it is also the perfect opportunity to change up your footwear. Perhaps it isn’t quite time for strappy sandals, but, certainly peep toe booties, flats, and trendy sneakers can replace your bulkier boots. Head to toe, you will look pulled together and ready to tackle whatever tricks Old Man Winter has on his way out the door.

Happy Weekend!

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