EM Supervisors OK Onix Dr. carwash plan

Sewer capacity and flow study approved

By Karen Cresta, Staff Writer, The Times

EAST MARLBOROUGH – Township supervisors, on Monday night, unanimously approved the land development plan for a new car wash on Onix Drive – behind the Bank of America and the same drive that Walmart is accessed. (Supervisor John Sarro abstained from the vote due to a relationship with the land owner.)

Ed Henry, partner, owner and operator of the car wash, was in attendance and mentioned the washing products are biodegradable and would not affect the sewer treatment process that has a water reclamation system, capturing approximately 70 percent of the run-off.  

The facility plans to add a heated pavement at the exit to avoid ice from forming in freezing temperatures. Supervisor Bob Weer wanted a plan in place for the common drive area to avoid icy conditions there and said, “It’s not the responsibility of the township to do so.”

Henry agreed that the staff of the car wash would be responsible to salt the road when needed to avoid dangerous icy conditions on the common drive.

The plan also included refinements suggested by the township supervisors for fire plans that included a rolled curb for emergency vehicles to access the facility. Handicapped parking spaces were also added for the public and staff.

On another agenda topic, the township’s sewer capacity was addressed by Public Works Director Jeff Simpson. A study of the existing sewer lines will cost about $7,800 and will provide a current analysis for the systems capabilities and how much more flow the 10-inch main that runs along Route 1 could handle, especially since additional hook-ups are being requested.

Simpson reported the system handles approximately 300,000 gallons per day and has a maximum of 440,000 but it was not certain how close the township is to capacity. The board approved the study and will address the results when the 30-day analysis is completed.

A housing development plan for 27 twin units on 22.6 acres at Walnut Street and Gale Lane, near the commercial facilities of Everfast and Tri-M, could also be hooking-up to the existing sewer lines per the general outline presented by Mike Gavin on behalf of the developer, Doug White.

Weer stated his concerns about hooking-up to the already near capacity sewer lines and Gavin responded, “It’s up to us to find a way to get the public sewer connected.”

Conditional use hearings will be the next step and other concerns will be addressed as the development plans proceed. Weer mentioned industrial truck traffic and activity may be a big concern to future homeowners.

Simpson summarized the status of township traffic signals with a focus on locations requiring maintenance due to partial equipment failure. Traffic signals requiring priority repairs are located at Route 926 and Doe Run Road where detection wires to trigger the light failed – and at the intersection of routes 82 and 926 where the green light is not being automatically triggered, as it should, for all emergency vehicles.

The board unanimously approved the amount of $13,000 to complete the maintenance work as soon as possible to avoid full equipment failure and more costly repairs/replacements down the line.

Road closures for two upcoming runs were also approved by supervisors. The 28th annual Kennett Run will be held on May 20 and the 2nd annual Mushroom Cap Half-Marathon will be held on Nov. 4.

“I think events like these are great for our community. You did a great job,” Board Chairman Richard Hannum said.

The Kennett Run raised approximately $50,000 last year, according to Chris Daney, the race organizer. The Mushroom Cap Half-Marathon is adding a relay race option for 2017, raised approximately $16,000 in its inaugural year and expects to double the entrants this year, according the race organizer, Sarah Nurey.

Both races will not transverse onto Route 82 as in previous years and, according to Police Chief Robert Clarke, makes is safer and a lot easier to police.

“We took your [the supervisor’s] feelings into consideration,” said Nurey.

The supervisors tabled a decision on a resolution to amend and distribute land development fees in a more consistent manner. They will revisit it in March and will look at the fees more closely keeping the residents in mind that should not have to subsidize overage of fees from developers.

For more township information and meeting minutes, visit the township’s webpage at www.eastmarlborough.org.

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